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Best Marketing Campaigns to Get You Inspired In 2021

Marketing requires constant adjusting when it comes to promoting a brand. Consumers world tendencies and preferences change the same way the seasons do.

Lately, marketing campaigns are not only a pleasure for an eye but a treat for a soul as well. Famous brands marketing teams aim at creating not just a promotion for the product.

Best Marketing Campaigns Of 2021

They raise awareness of social issues, that’s been striking the world recently. Let’s have a look at such impressive examples.

Great message to send

It would be great to dedicate this part to those that have something big to say to the world and there is nothing else left but to listen.

“The Last Mile” from Volkswagen

The idea of the campaign is to emotionally say goodbye to the legendary Beetle. This way the company has demonstrated its intentions to commit to electric vehicles. The campaign had a massive success (2 mln online views and thousands of posts with the #TheLastMile).

What lesson is learned here? Well, provoking emotions always causes a long-lasting impression, and that is what has happened here, loud and clear. Always be honest with your audience and if there is a change for the better that must be done, do not be afraid to announce that and commit to it.

By the way, when trying to call for emotions it is always a win to accompany your videos with a piece of music. Now you can easily add music to photo, without being a highly skilled sound specialist.

#YouCanBeAnything from Barbie

So, Barbie added a new persona, Hellen Keller, to its collection of inspiring women. This way again the brand communicates its message, teaching girls to be free to choose anything they want to do and want to be.

No limits to women’s expression. When thinking through the campaign for your next big product launch, always have a value to transmit and inspire the action that people are afraid to make.

“Rebuild the World” from Lego

Being a toy company for kids’ entertainment and education, Lego has come up with an excellent marketing campaign that is not only oriented on kids but has a meaningful impact on adults as well.

Their “rebuild” is not just about playing, it digs deeper and encourages people to reconsider their lives and make some changes for improvement. A great social mission is indeed a great idea to implement in your marketing plan.

User-generated success

It’s been greatly practiced among marketers to have their customers contribute their content (product-wise one) as a part of a marketing strategy.

Influencers and celebrities are also customers and are asked to share their content to promote a brand and encourage more people to get involved with it.

#MyHGV ( My Hilton Grand Vacations)

One way or another people will be checking through reviews when deciding on their vacation stay. Why bother with inventing the wheel, or new advertising for the grand hotel chain.

#MyHGV lets people share their greatest experiences from their interaction with a hotel. Real people, showing real things provoke trust and the desire to try the same. Your brand might benefit from such content as well.

Airbnb’s content

Airbnb is no longer an accommodation service solely. It has grown up into a platform that not only helps with housing but in general with planning a trip ( places to see, things to do, lifehacks, ideas for the area, etc.) Who is responsible for all that content? Yes, users.

They generously share and inspire others to relieve similar ( or even better) experiences, using Airbnb, of course. This example teaches to not only be a high-quality and trustworthy company but also one that is open to its audience and ready to connect (Airbnb has 4.7 mln followers on Instagram and 16 mln on Facebook).

To sum up

Inspiring, motivational, caring with a tint of empathy campaigns are always winners in developing your marketing plan to highlight and announce your brand. It is OK to learn from the famous ones and adopt the ideas that agree with your budget and fit the context of your business.

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