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10 Best Pet Tracker GPS: Smart Way to Stay Connected

GPS Pet Tracker, Your Dog is your best friend. They can read your mind and heart. You also have a fear of losing them in crowd somewhere or you are concern for their health.

Isn’t it good feeling when you have everything in your fist. How is that if you are able to control the activity of your dog?

Best GPS Pet Tracker – Activity Trackers

Pet GPS Trackers

Today I want to make aware to my readers about the gadget for pet lovers. Pet lovers always want to keep their eyes on their dog or any other pet animals. Your worry is going to vanish as you have something, which can resolve your issues of looking after your pet round the clock. Still, even with all the technology available, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of traditional insurance. Check out Bivvy for some affordable plans.

The devices will keep you in ease and is equal to the mother care for the dogs. The gadget, I will mention today about its features is not only fun to use but also can monitor accurate location, battery backup is nice and durable to use, Thanks to wearable technology.

Apart from monitoring location, you can have additional benefits like tracking health hazard, tracking food intake and many more options you can own with just few clicks.

Therefore, I am presenting top ten lists of best pet trackers so that you can enjoy your carefree lifestyle. Do check below:

1] Tagg

Tagg is very effective device with the safety point of view and it can track your dog location. You can leave your pet for long anywhere. As you can set the location on the pet tracker device. If your dog moves apart from the boundaries you set then the device will let you know in your mobile or in your computer.

As far as its features are concerned, it is electric fence collar, which calculate 1.49 by 3.18 by 0.77inches and the weighs 1.16 ounces that comes in white and grey body. It is an advanced GPS dog tracker which is wireless and you can stay connected to your dog without remain at the same place.

This is available on iOS and Android.

2] DoggyDatez

DoggyDatez is a social network platform of mobile. This device is for the owner of the dog and for the friends of the dog. You can ‘mark your territory’ tagline and can check the location who visited. The good thing about this is that you can find out the users of DoggyDatez by age, gender and also dog gender, dog age or dog breed.

Its features are so significant that it will let you meet new friends while you go for the walk with the dog.

Available on iOS and Android.

3] Pet Phone

Pet phone can check your dog’s health. You can easily monitor your dog’s medication, allergies, veteran doctor appointment and his/her food through this app. The gadget can offer you facility of synchronizing your calendar for the reminders.

gps pet trackers

gps pet trackers

Its features can track your pet’s weight easily and can check the weight graph, which helps immense in handling fitness level.

Available on iOS.

4] iCam

iCam app is very useful in case you are leaving your dog home all alone. It can let you know about the current situation of dog like what he/she is doing inside.

It has very nice feature as it has pet cam option, which can record your dog activities in your absence.

Available on iOS and Android.

5] Petoxins

Are you aware of the list of the poisonous things for your dog? No then Petoxins will let you know about the risky stuff for dog so that you can protect him/her from that stuff.

Available on iOS.

These above devices is going to rock and make individual’s life more productive. This is also contributed lot in the well being of their dog.

You care for your pet lot. For giving them best care you do all possible stuff. Today I am going to focus on those things which is unfamiliar to many. Introduction of Pet Tracker will help you to keep your pet safe and productive all the way. I have compiled finest list of GPS pet tracker. Do check below:

6] MapMyDogWalk

It is a good GPS dog tracker. You and your dog can be fit and fine at the same time by tracking your calories and can find out the routes from GPS. It has a sharing and geo-tagging features for data and pictures.

Its features provide the distance covered by your pet through walking and the calories consumed by your dog.

Available on iOS and Android.

7] Pet First Aid

This app is fabulous as it can assist you in bandaging, restraint, muzzling, CPR all activities you can have through videos and illustrations.

Its features provide you step by step guidance from drowning to poisoning while dealing with your pet.

Available on iOS and Android.

gps pet trackers

gps pet trackers

8] Pet Minder Pro

This gadget is wonderful as it can track your dog’s action. You need to press the custom button so that the activity you have already done with your dog will be recorded. Example: when last you have given your dog medicine, food and go for the walk and play. You can also set up reminders and have info through notifications. This can be easily track training session for puppies.

It’s simple features will show the status of the meal and can turn out to be a good reminder for the medical treatment.

Available on iOS alternative and Android.

9] Petsie Dog Breeds

It is tough to analyze your dog breed if he is mix breed. The gadget can assist you in figuring out your dog breed and also provide info about breeds through pictures. You can create profile of your dog as well.

Its elegant features are comparatively different from others devices for your pet. It can share your dog information across the world.

Available on iOS alternative and Android.

10] Weather Puppy

This device can track the weather condition before you take out your dog for a walk. It will let you know the list of more than 100 dogs that is dependable on weather.

It has a specific feature, which let you know about the current weather through the picture of dog. With his mood, you will be updated with the climate conditions.

Available on iOS and coming soon on Android.

Among all the devices, there are few of them, which you can be downloaded free.

The GPS Pet Tracker, In the hustle-bustle of crowd of the thickly populated countries, even you are free from worry about the whereabouts of your pet. With the help of above pet tracking device, you can stay free from all worry for your dog.

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