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Top 15 Most Popular Television Brands In India

Television has become an integral part of our lives. It is a great source of entertainment as well as information. Several brands sell different models of televisions. However, not all of them offer the same TV viewing experience. A television by a good brand enhances the experience manifolds. So, if you are planning to purchase a television, be cautious about the brand you choose.

Best Television Brands In India

Top Television Brands in India

Here is a list of the 15 most popular television brands in India.

Samsung India

Samsung is among the most popular electronics brands in India. It has a strong hold over the Indian market. Samsung manufactures high definition televisions as well as several other quality electronics goods. It offers wide range of televisions. These are designed to match the need of different segments of customers.

The brand has many popular television models. These include 4K UHD TV and N4305 Smart HD TV are especially popular. Super6 NU6100 UHD TV is also quite in demand.


LG Electronics is a trusted brand in India. Its products are known for their high quality. The company offers wide variety of television models. All these boast of high picture quality.

They come with numerous advance features. You can choose between LG OLED TV, Nanocell 4K TV and more. It also offers high quality UHD 4K TV. Moreover, the company offers quick customer support.

Sony India

Sony India is a subsidiary of the Japanese company, Sony Corporation. The company came into being in November 1994. It offers premium quality products. It manufactures various kinds of electronic goods.

You can choose from a range of Sony televisions. This includes different models of LED TVs and Full HD TVs. It also offers 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TVs and HD Ready TVs. These televisions offer an unmatched experience.


Panasonic is a popular Japanese electronics company. It has been selling various electronic goods in India since decades. Panasonic televisions are among the most popular televisions in the country. The brand offers high tech televisions. They offer amazing picture quality. Its range of Ultra HD TV is particularly known for high resolution.


Micromax Informatics is our very own electronics company. It came into being in March 2000. The company sells high quality products at competitive price. It has thus made a place of its own in the market.

The brand sells top notch LED TVs. You can choose from wide variety of television models by Micromax. These are readily available online as well as at physical stores.


Philips is a Dutch company. It is one of the biggest electronics companies around the world. Philips manufactures high quality televisions as well as other electronics goods. It sells various television models in the Indian market. Its televisions come with advance features.

These include different models of full HD LED TVs and Ultra HD LED TVs. Moreover, it has a range of 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs. Its high end televisions are known for their Ambilight. They are also equipped with various intelligent features.


Vu TV came into being in California in 2006. It is the largest 4K TV seller in India. It is a fast growing television brand. The company offers a wide range of televisions. This includes smart TVs, 4K TVs, luxury TVs as well as Android TVs.

Its televisions come with several advance features. These televisions have wide viewing angle. They also offer amazing sound as well as picture quality. Furthermore, their digital noise reduction feature adds to the experience.


Onida is a popular consumer electronics brand in India. It came into being in 1981. It has successfully been selling products for over three decades. Onida televisions have always been in demand.

Most Indian households had the basic Onida televisions until around a decade back. Currently, the company sells high quality LCD, LED as well as Plasma TVs. You can choose from the wide variety of Onida television models.


Xiaomi came into being in the year 2010. It is known for its innovative electronic products. The company provides innovative products at reasonable price. It has thus made a place in the Indian market.

It sells variety of television models in India. Its LED TVs are quite in demand in our country. This is mainly because they offer good value for money. You can find Mi TVs in different price range.


Sansui came into being in 1947. The Japanese electronics company manufactures good quality electronic products. It specialises in manufacturing audio and video equipment. It has been doing great business in India since decades.

Sansui televisions are quite in demand in our country. Its LED HD Ready and LED Full HD TV models are particularly popular. These televisions come with all the advance features. Moreover, they offer a great TV viewing experience.


BPL is a popular Indian electronics company. It came into being in the year 1963. It hails from Bangalore, Karnataka. The company manufactures various electronics products. It offers different television models to choose from. It has many HD Ready as well as LED TV models.

Furthermore, it has a range of 4K Ultra HD Android TV as well as Full HD Smart TV models. These televisions are equipped with advance technology. Besides, they boast of stylish exteriors.


Haier is a well known Chinese consumer electronics company. The brand has been in business since 1984. It has a strong hold on the Indian market. The company manufactures many electronic products. These include air conditioners, refrigerators and televisions among others.

Haier televisions are quite popular in India. This is because they offer high quality and variety of features. Besides, they come at an affordable price. Many models of Haier televisions are available in the market.


Videocon is a famous consumer electronics and home appliances company. It came into being in 1979.  Its headquarters are in Mumbai. The company sells various electronic items including washing machines, microwave ovens and colour televisions. It has a wide range of LED HD Ready as well as Full HD.

Besides, it has a range of the new gen LED Ultra HD TVs. These are equipped with several features. They offer an amazing TV viewing experience.


Hitachi is a popular Japanese company. It offers high quality electronic goods. Hitachi televisions are particularly popular in India. It manufactures different models of televisions.

These are available in different price range. So, it caters to customers belonging to different segments of the society. Moreover, the company has a good customer support.


This is yet another Japanese brand. It is also doing good business in the Indian market. It manufactures various high tech products. This includes power systems, electrical products as well as information and communication systems. It sells several television models in India. These are loved for their design as well as features.

So, which of these brands is your favourite? Do tell us! As for me, I am particularly fond of Sony televisions.

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