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Top Strategies for iGaming SEO Optimization In 2020

The modern-day technologies are evolving on a continuous basis and are impacting every single industry on the planet. SEO methods used by the online gambling industry have also changed considerably over the years. The worst part is that many website owners don’t even notice these changes.

A SEO strategy which might have pushed your online casino high up in the search engine rankings last year, is most likely obsolete today. Not just that, it might even be hurting your casino site’s ranking right now. That’s the main reason why it’s so important to stay alert when it comes to SEO.

SEO Strategies for iGaming In 2020

Strategies for iGaming SEO Optimization

Here in this short article we will go over some of the top SEO strategies for online casinos which are helping many such businesses stay ahead of the competition.

1] Work on user experience across the casino site

The most important way in which search engines stay relevant for the users is by showing the best and most appropriate results on their first page. Hence, the easiest way to race ahead of everyone else in the online casino SEO game is by working on the user experience offered by the platform.

Google and other search engines would readily push a website with the lowest bounce rate and maximum time spent by the visitors, higher in their search results. Why so? Because people spend a lot of time on a webpage because they find the information on it useful for them.

Hence, working on the user experience, will automatically make visitors spend more time on your portal, and hence will improve your site’s chances of coming up in the search engine rankings.

2] Optimise for voice search

More and more people use voice-based search on their smart phones as well as laptops/desktops these days. Anyone running an online casino website cannot ignore this important development.

Hence, it is important to optimise a casino site in a manner that it answers all such voice queries in an efficient manner and attracts more number of visitors to the site.

Couple of good ways to do this is by including long tail keywords in the content and better structuring of the data (also known as schema markup).

3] Focus on topic clusters instead of just keywords

It’s very important to put yourself in the shoes of visitors or potential players when working on the SEO of your online casino website. What do you think they’d be searching and what would serve as the best result of that search?

Pondering over this aspect and getting more clarity on it is what will make people return to your online casino again and again, and not the keywords that you stuff into it.

Couple of good ways of incorporating this strategy is by – one, understanding your target audience well so that you can create relevant content catering to their needs; and two, opting for cluster organisation approach for content posting to make it easier for the visitors to find and read the posts.

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