Cisdem Data Recovery Software: Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

Data Recovery is an essential feature that must be present in your system. Sometimes, it so happens that important files are deleted by mistake or go missing. These files might also be attacked as a result of virus, partition loss, accidental deletion etc.

Cisdem Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X

Cisdem Data Recovery Software

Under all these circumstances, it is quite clear that you do not intend to delete or lose these files as they hold important value. In such situations, a data recovery software comes to your aid. Cisdem brings to you the best data recovery software for Mac! You don’t have to break your head anymore over missing files in your Mac system.

Cisdem proves to be the best data recovery for Mac OS X. It has the ability to recover files which could be photos, audio, video, documents, archive etc safely. It doesn’t limit its recovery ability to just Mac hard drive but extends the function to even external drive, memory cards, MP3 players etc. It recovers data lost under a wide range of situations:

  • Improper Operation: Sometimes, you might have turned off the disk in the middle of writing, or improperly pulled out the SD card, which might lead to data loss.
  • Power off or factory reset: When the files are half way processed, there might have been a power cut, suddenly or factory reset might have lead to loss of the files.
  • Accidental deletion or formatting: A lot of times, you might end up deleting files accidentally, by clicking “move to trash” or “command+del”. There are also a lot of chances that you tried formatting your hard drive, memory card or other external device.
  • Virus attack or OS re-installation: Your system could also be attacked by some unknown virus, malware or ransom ware. Sometimes, OS re-installation without backup might result in data loss too.
  • The hard drive disc could also be crashed and when you reconnect with Mac, you might not be able to find any files.
  • The data recovered can be in the form of images, audio, video, documents, emails or archives. They can be recovered from a wide range of locations including the internal hard drive, external hard drives, Mac PC, SD cards, cameras, USB drives etc.

Cisdem Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X

The recovery process is quite unique and personalized in every sense. You can deeply search for any type of file, including raw pictures. You can select accurately, the particular files that you want to recover. You will also be able to scan all the lost data and also preview the details related to the same.

You can also sort the data to be recovered according to the file types. The files can be clearly listed according to the file type. Cisdem’s data recovery process is both simple and time-saving. It hardly takes any of your time.

  • Quick scan and deep scan are two amazing features that deserve a mention here. Quick scan does not take much of your time and it helps you recover recently deleted files. On the other hand, deep scan takes more time as it thoroughly scans the entire drive. Deep scan is used to track down more files.

Data recovery software for Mac

  • You can also choose the type of file that you want to scan. It may be anything ranging from documents and emails to videos, audios and images.
  • The process comprises of three simple steps. First you choose if you prefer quick scan or deep scan. Then, all the locations in your devices will be scanned. After this, you’ll be able to preview and then recover data.
  • You can also set the extensions of files to be scanned according to your choice, in the setting window. You will also be able to estimate how long the entire process will go about for. You’ll be able to follow it in the progressing bar.

The software is the best data recovery software for Mac, and it keeps your data pretty secure and it also provides round the clock customer support through email, addressing all your concerns instantaneously.

Users seem to love Cisdem data recovery for Mac, due to its user-friendly nature and high performance. When it comes to data recovery and Mac, you must really check out this software. You will not be disappointed.

You can go for either a trial version or if you want to purchase the software, click here. 🙂

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