Collect Data Without the Internet Using JotForm Mobile Forms

We’re all living in a one-click world, where just about anything can be done with the click of a button – all thanks to the internet.

The data-collection industry has used the power of the internet to reach a larger number of people and record their feedback in real time.

Online data-collection tools range from emails to online surveys and mobile apps, but the common factor among all of these platforms is the need to be connected to the internet.

JotForm Mobile Forms

When you have to collect data in areas where there is no internet connection, what do you do?

Until recently, paper forms were the only real method to collect data offline. The process of creating paper forms, collecting completed forms from customers, and manually entering the data into your database is cumbersome, and the chance of human error is high.

The newest and most efficient way to collect data offline is through data-collection apps. With JotForm Mobile Forms, you can customize forms to meet your business needs. Customers can fill out these forms, even without an internet connection. Once you’re reconnected to the internet, the collected data syncs with the central database.

Here’s a look at some of the features in JotForm Mobile Forms.

1] Easy form creation

Using the Form Builder in JotForm Mobile Forms, you can not only create a detailed form that suits your needs, but you can also make it look professional and match it to your brand. You don’t need to do any coding to create forms.

2] Offline data storage

Customers can give their feedback, even in offline mode. The JotForm app stores data on the mobile device.

3] Data synchronization

Collected data automatically syncs with the central database once the device is back online.

4] Access to data from anywhere.

Once the data is synced, you and your team can access it, even from different locations.

5] Cross-platform compatibility

JotForm is available for both iOS and Android, which means it works on all devices.

Offline forms have emerged owing to the need of active business participation irrespective of the factors such as internet connectivity or anything else that slows down the speed at which the business deserves to operate in today’s world.

Offline forms take away the possibility of the important information being lost in the manual handling of paperwork. Gone are the days when you needed to be very particular about the location of the important documents/data.

With the help of offline forms, the information is safely registered and can be viewed from any device and anywhere without the need to locate the manual paperwork folder.

With the help of the offline form feature at Jotform, you can be assured of a great organized viewing of the collected data. Adding to it, the forms can be viewed on any device you operate. It enables the employees/management to have access to the important information on the go, wherever they may be based on the given point of time.

The offline forms can be shared with any contact through email or any other communication channel without any hassle.

This makes the business process very smooth and the link between management and the workforce strengthens by great degree. By narrowing the information gap in the business, you can be assured of great speed at business with the returns you deserve.

The need of the hour for any business in the fast moving market is the ability to collect data without the need of the internet connectivity or any geographical constraint.

Online or offline, it’s now possible to collect data across the globe with tools like JotForm Mobile Forms. This mobile form app will make data collection easier and faster – if you haven’t already done so, download it for free on Android and iOS devices!

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