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Different Ways To Get Over Blogger’s Block

The great thing about blogs is that you are not restricted to when you post or what you post. The convenience offered is high but there is never a guarantee that you will have something that you can write about. Every single blogger out there ends up with a situation in which he/she runs out of ideas. This is something that is unacceptable because fresh content has to be constantly produced.

How to Get Over Blogger’s Block

Different Ways To Get Over Blogger’s Block

Get Over Blogger’s Block

When you first start you are not told that you will end up with blogger’s block, which is quite similar to regular writer’s block. You go on a site like and you see what has to be done. Then you read articles that teach you how to pick a niche, promote your blog, and make money online. Everything will go great but eventually, you may lose interest and lack inspiration.

How to Overcome “Blogger’s Block”

Remember the fact that you need to create and store blog entries. When there is a day when you do not feel creative, you can focus on evergreen content creation. This practically means that you write something that would be relevant for a really long period of time. It is generally a very good idea to stockpile posts for those days when you will not be creative.

Always think about the following when you run out of ideas for blog posts.

Hold Contests

Most people love participating in contests, especially when they have the possibility of winning something for free. When faced with blogger’s block, start a competition. The readers can be your contestants and it is even possible to make your community be a part of the judging process.

Contests automatically generate discussion and excitement. At the same time, you have a topic that you can blog about without any problems or need to be creative.

Look at the different contests that were held by blogs that are similar to yours. This is a great way to come up with ideas for the actual contest. If possible, incorporate social media like YouTube or Facebook in order to gain more awareness.

Remember that when you hold a contest, it is imperative that you also respect the rules. Pick the winners exactly as you said you would and always deliver the prizes. We understand the fact that you may be on a really limited budget. That is normal. Your legal department may also not agree to some prizes you want to offer.

Various hurdles can appear but if you are a little patient and you work all things out, contests can be highly beneficial for the blog. They will help you to gain new traffic and are perfect for when blogger’s block appears.

Create Best Of Collections

Chances are you wrote many articles till you reached the block. Because of this, you can use that content in order to practically reward yourself. What does this mean? You take one day and you create a post that mentions the very best of the blog posts that you wrote in the past about a specific topic. You can even create a best of article with the best articles written in a period of time like a week or a month.

Create Best Of Collections

Create Collections

The only problem is that you do not want to use your blog as a press release site. It can be quite odd to make references to the old press releases. That is why you have to do it right. Refer to the valuable articles that you wrote in the past but not to the content that is not relevant at the moment.

Create Audio Posts

Blogging in an audio format is something that is great as it can offer a new perspective to take advantage of. Your blog readers may be interested in hearing your voice. You never know if this is the case until you try it.

Remember the fact that when you create audio posts, you want to read it in a dramatic way. If you are sarcastic, this is something that you do want to highlight. To put it as simple as possible, you want to be completely genuine.

Keep in mind that you want to always record audio of a really high quality. Background noise can easily make this bad. Some bloggers may find it a lot easier to talk instead of write from time to time. Give it a try!

Ask Questions To Find Guest Post Topics

Talk to your audience on social media. Ask questions and based on the answers you can find new blogging topics. Alternatively, talk to someone in your industry and ask what the individual currently works on. The mini interview will offer people that are not blogging a voice. You can easily allow the individual to post something or let his voice be heard by publishing the interview.

As you surely expect, it is a really good idea to try to find people that have a high authority in the industry. That will allow you to come up with blog posts that have a really high value. Those people already have a following that may visit your site when the article is posted.

Guest Posts Helps to Grow your Blog

Take Some Time Off

Hopefully, you already have some backup blog posts that can be published when you reach a blogger’s block. If this is not the case, do not worry too much! Bloggers are humans and they can take some time off. Do not be afraid of that.

Whenever you feel that you have nothing to write about, it may simply be because you are worn out. A vacation can help you. Just take a couple of weeks off and focus on something else. This is a trick that is highly effective for all writers. At the same time, you can force yourself to write something every day.

You can write whatever you want. As they say, practice makes better. When you keep writing, you get used to it and new ideas often come up. That is something that would help you much more than you imagine when your goal is to get over blogger’s block. 😀

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