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10 Common Health Insurance Myths Busted

Health insurance is not something that you can afford to live without. It is a very crucial life requirement that helps you to stay fit and also keeps your finances protected at the time of a medical emergency. There are many benefits you get when you buy a good health insurance plan.

Common Health Insurance Myths

Sadly, some people hold back from buying health insurance because of some common myths. These myths are all baseless and you should not fall for them. Take a look at this article to know about the common health insurance myths and how you need to debunk them and understand the actual health insurance facts.

Health insurance Myths

Myth #1 – Health insurance is not needed by young people

This is a very unfortunate myth that stops a lot of people from buying health insurance at the right time. Health insurance is needed by everyone, even small children. illnesses and injuries can strike anyone at any time.

This is why health insurance is a great requirement. It is a good idea to buy health insurance early, at a young age. At this stage, you get the best plans at the cheapest rates so do not allow this silly myth to hold you back.

Myth #2 – Group health insurance is enough

Group health insurance is a very handy employment bonus. But relying only on a group health insurance is a dangerous thing to do. First and foremost, you cannot customise your group policy in any way and make it suitable for yourself or your family.

Then, the cover is only available till you work with your employer. If you lose your job, you will lose the health cover overnight and that can be extremely troublesome.

Myth #3 – Maternity covers aren’t available in health insurance

There are many comprehensive family floater health insurance plans these days that include the maternity covers in them.

There are some waiting period clauses associated with these plans, but if you wait the period out, you can get full maternity coverage and enjoy a rewarding childbirth experience. Also, there are standalone maternity insurance plans available these days that help young couples immensely.

Myth #4 – Health insurance is too expensive

When you buy health insurance, you pay for your health and wellness. It is an investment you make towards leading a healthy life. This is why you should not let the price tag of the policy hold you back.

Fortunately, modern-day health insurance plans are not priced exorbitantly high. There are many health insurance companies and owing to competition, all the insurers offer their plans at competitive prices. Make use of this and get a fantastic health cover at a fantastic price.

Myth #5 – Health insurance is not available for smokers

It is a complete myth that the people who smoke can bever have health insurance. Smokers can also get health insurance but their premium rates will be higher. This is because smoking is seen as a lifestyle disorder that causes many health problems and makes the person a riskier client for the insurance provider.

If you are a smoker, get a health plan even at a higher premium as in the long run you will end up with many benefits.

Myth #6 – Hospitalisation is compulsory for claims

This is a fact that has lingered on since ages! You do not always have to get admitted to the hospital for 24 hours to get a claim. Daycare procedures that only require hospitalisation of a few hours are covered under most health insurance plans.

Then, the present-day health plans also have covers for OPD costs, diagnostic tests, preventive health checks, none of which require an overnight hospital stay.

Myth #7 – Pre-existing covers aren’t included in health insurance

Many pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes are covered under many health insurance plans, but you need to wait out the designated waiting period before making a claim. These days, there are also specific plans such as diabetes protection plans that offer exclusive coverage for pre-existing ailments like these.

Myth #8 – Health insurance cannot be customised

Many people believe that the health coverage offered by the insurer is what they have to take. This is untrue. You can customise your plan in many ways. You can choose a suitable sum insured.

You can add riders, you can select the proper tenure of the policy and you can even decide how frequently you will pay the health insurance premium. A health insurance plan is actually very customisable and you should take full advantage of that.

Myth #9 – Health insurance is only needed to save tax

Tax saving is an additional benefit you get when you buy health insurance. It should not act as the primary reason why you buy health insurance. If you want to save tax, look for other investment opportunities. Buy health insurance with the primary objective of protecting you and your loved ones’ health.

Myth #10 – The cheapest plan is the best plan

You should not just focus on the price of the health insurance cover when buying a policy. The plan you get should be comprehensive and the insurance provider should be reliable as well.

If you blindly select the cheapest option, you may end up with an insufficient cover from an insurer who will let you down by rejecting your claim at the time of a medical emergency.


Stay far away from these common health insurance myths and you will benefit a lot. Buy a good health plan and keep yourself and your family members protected against all medical emergencies in a comprehensive and wholesome way.

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