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Custom Bags Are the Best Giveaway Items at Conferences and Events

Personalised bags are popular for promoting your brand. Their use in different places has become a trend. In addition to being used in retail businesses as shopping bags, they are now excellent giveaways at conferences and events.

Custom Bags Are the Best Giveaway Items

The company that is organising the event uses them to let attendees carry the advertisement message home and beyond. Probably, you have seen people carrying branded custom bags that they received from certain events.

1] How to Design Custom Bags for Events

Before you design a preferred custom bag to give away at an event, consider the intended use and the ideal size. Those attending an event will appreciate and make use of a bag that is functional during and after the event. Use a strong material so that the bags will last a long time.

2] Types of Giveaway Custom Bags for Events

Mainly, there are a few different types of useful branded bags that you can give away at a conference or event.

  • Tote bags – They are popular with both men and women because these bags can easily fit a laptop for the conference and a few other accessories. Tote bags that are made of strong fabric are the best because they will be used even after the conference, which further promotes your brand name because it can be printed on both sides of the bag. These bags have a large surface area to allow for clear printing.
  • Backpacks for laptops – A good quality laptop bag that is custom printed by Rocketbags might look too costly to be used as a conference giveaway, but it will accomplish a lot to promote the brand name. Perhaps, you have seen people carrying laptop bags with company names on the bags. There is a significant likelihood that they attended a conference and received one this way.
  • Small gift bags – Certain events usually provide the attendees with some gifts on their departure. These custom bags are also great for promoting a brand although they may be used less than the other types of bags.

3] Benefits of Custom Bags

Now that you have decided to use custom-printed bags as giveaways at a conference, it is crucial to know what their benefits are.

  • Brand promotion – This is a less expensive and more effective way to promote your brand. As people move around carrying a bag that has your company name on it, many will see it. This is a big plus.
  • Increasing profit margins – Of course, the aim of any marketing effort is to increase profit. As people become aware of your brand name, they are likely to research more about it, and this further increases their chances of becoming a customer either now or in the future.
  • Outshining the competitors – Pinning down the competitors by doing something better than they are is always a dream of many entrepreneurs. This is a perfect way to shine.


Custom-printed bags are the best giveaways for conferences so far. They promote the companies and organisations involved in the most excellent way. As such, one should take full advantage of them now without looking back.

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