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Is the prediction of World War III true?

Yes! The globe is coming closer due to increased technology, but is it also bringing in terrorism nearer? When one has to talk about global affairs, there is a lot to debate and discuss on – The US visa changes, the tension between US, Syria and Russia, The new Australian Visa changes, the frequent changes in oil and fuel prices, India and China partnerships – the list goes on, because every day is a new day for all international leaders.

Third World War Latest News, Prophecy, Updates (2017)

World war iii news and updates

1) The God sent Mystic

Now, amongst this entire hustle bustle, do you remember the mystic, who rightly predicted the winner during the US elections, which happened lately? Yes, that mystic who has rightly predicted that the person who would take over from Obama would be none other than Mr. Trump – and his prediction was bang on! He was in the news for quite some time, all thanks to his prediction that made him a global star overnight.

The mystic is back with another prediction, and this prediction is quite a scary one – according to his words, the world is going to undergo the World War 3. To make his prediction more accurate, he has fore told the start date of the dreaded war – as per his knowledge, the war is going to begin on May 13th 2018.

World War 3 news, predictions, date

2) Mystic: Messenger of God. Really?

Not only is the World War a prediction of the mystic, but as per sources and a report that was published in a US newspaper, Daily Star, the world is moving close to a war – that too a nuclear war and the report was backed by the statements of the mystic. The mystic, Mr. Horacio Villegas states that he is the messenger of God, and thus his predictions are to be taken seriously.

3) The predictions of the Mystic

As per the above stated, the mystic had come out in the public for the first time in 2015, where he made his prediction in open about the future of US being handed over to Trump, and it came to be true. Further to his predictions, he stated that Trump will be the reason behind the 3rd World War. The mystic stated that the war would begin when Trump would be crowned the ‘illuminati king’.

As per sources, this is to happen on the 100th anniversary of the Lady of Fatima, and the anniversary falls on the 13th of May and this year will make the 100th one. Thus according to this logic, the world war will begin on the 13th of May.

The mystic has predicted that it would all begin by world leader countries attacking Syria, which in reality actually happened. Syria was attacked by other countries in the form of a major chemical attack. As per the prediction, this attack would bring conflicts amongst three countries – Russia, China and North Korea and to be honest, this prediction has been true so far!

World War III Predictions and Nostradamus

If we have to quote unquote the mystic’s prediction, he foresees that the 3rd world war will last for months, where it will begin on May 13th 2018 and will end by October 13th 2018. Though the war will be short, yet its destructions will be huge. It will cause huge devastation to lives and properties and will leave a great percentage of shock in the minds and hearts of the people, who get to lucky to survive the war.

4) Will the predictions turn into truth?

Well, one cannot guarantee the future, but what has been predicted about the past has surely been true – Trump is the new president, Syria was attacked by world leaders and day by day the tension and cold war amongst Russia, North Korea and China have been increasing. If we have to go by past trends, there would be no surprise in the fact, if the war actually hit the globe on 13th! North Korea has already been testing nuclear weapons. It had tested 24 missiles last year and few additional ones were tested this year too.

World war iii nuclear weapons

As per the mystic, the testing of nuclear weapons may actually break out anytime, marking the beginning of the world war. In fact, there actually was a time quite recently, when it seemed like Russia and China were almost in the state of war, but it ended up in a quite close cold war and things are quite now.

5) If the world war actually happens, how will it happen?

Well, if we have to go by the words and predictions, the world war might actually happen and if it actually happens, most probable chances are that Russia will be the ones to begin it. The involvement of Russia and US in the Syria incident proved that both these countries are equally strong and if one begins the war, the other is no way going to step back.

Protect yourself in case of the nuclear explosion

How to Survive World War 3

As per reports, if the nuclear explosion actually happens, here is how you can protect yourself from it –

  • Avoid looking at the lightings that will come as a result of the explosion – as those rays are so strong that it might damage your eyesight.
  • If you live in apartments, do not flee out of it. In fact, take shelter in it. If you are not in your apartment, take shelter behind a strong shielding object that will protect you from a direct hit of the explosion.
  • Try to cover your body as much as you can. Pull over your jackets or cover yourself under scarfs and blankets, as the radiations from the nuclear explosion are very strong and if exposed to the skin directly, it might burn your skin out.
  • Cover your nose and mouth as inhaling the air near the explosion is dangerous. It will be full of chemicals, hence cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or any neat cloth that you are able to grab in the situation of emergency.
  • Try to move away from that area as fast as you can. When you are doing so, make sure you are moving in a perpendicular direction of the wind, so that you are going away from the explosion with the wind direction also away from you.
  • If you are in a building, close all windows and doors for two reasons – the explosion will not hit you and the contaminated air will also not enter the building

Precaution is considered to be better than cure, but in this case where we do not know what lies in the future ahead, it is always better to be ready to face what comes in. So, be alert. 🙂

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