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Multiple WhatsApp Account – OGWhatsApp: With the emergence of new technology, WhatsApp has managed to stand against Facebook and is continuously growing. 95% of the smartphone users prefer to use WhatsApp over Facebook on a daily basis. Actually, chatting on WhatsApp Messenger is being the famous trend all over the world. Some of the users even are so much addicted to WhatsApp that they eagerly check their account after every 30 minutes. We are here today with a brief and useful tutorial on how to use multiple account on WhatsApp in a single phone without rooting your device.

Install OGWhatsapp In Your Mobile

There might be some reasons of using a dual WhatsApp account on a single phone. But, unfortunately, you can use the single WhatsApp account on its official app, no matter you have a single-SIM or dual-SIM smartphone. There are few ways of using dual WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, but only by rooting the device which actually voids the warranty of the phone.

Dual/2/Two Whatsapp account In Same Phone Via OGWhatsapp

The only solution to this problem is to Use OGWhatsApp App on your smartphone, which is basically a verified WhatsApp Messenger for all Android smartphones. It is significantly used to using the multiple WhatsApp account in a single phone with even rooting it. There are many apps, which specifically demands a rooted device for using the same on dual accounts. But, WhatsApp is one of those apps, which doesn’t require the rooted device to use in dual accounts.

OGWhatsApp Features

  • No rooting of device
  • Multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device
  • Holds all features of WhatsApp
  • Without downloading the images, it displays the preview
  • Restoring and backup feature
  • Without downloading, it holds WhatsApp video streaming feature

The Installation process of OGWhatsApp is really easy and similar to that of official WhatsApp. But, before starting with the same, you need to take few precautions.

OGWhatsApp - use 2/Two/Dual WhatsApp Accounts In A Single Phone

Two/Dual WhatsApp Accounts In A Single Phone

How to use Multiple accounts on WhatsApp

  • Navigate to the WhatsApp Settings >> Backup Conversations
  • Back to Home >> Settings >> Apps >> Whatsapp >> Clear WhatsApp Data
  • Now, Back to Home >> Menu >> File Manager >> SDcard >> WhatsApp Folder >> Rename it as “/SDcard/OGWhatsapp”
  • It’s time to uninstall the official WhatsApp Messenger, navigate to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp >> Uninstall
  • Now, download the OGWhatsApp on your smartphone
  • After downloading and installing the same, enter your mobile number which was previously registered
  • Click on OK and your OGWhatsApp is ready to use
  • Head towards the Google Play Store to download the official WhatsApp Messenger
  • After downloading and installing it, enter the other mobile number and click OK

With time, WhatsApp has managed to become a miniature of the most popular social media networking website, Facebook. This app is widely popular among the smartphone users and every bit of information associated with it makes an immense exposure in the market. Every news associated with WhatsApp gets the maximum shoulders and publicity by the tech blogs as much as possible.

Now, you will receive the notifications all at once on both the numbers. For any query or doubt, you can leave your comments below.

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This Is all about how to Use dual WhatsApp accounts – OGWhatsApp on a single phone. I hope you all enjoy It. 😀

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