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Dubai is well-known for its architectural marvels, but there is one place in Dubai that takes a completely different approach to creativity – the Dubai Miracle Garden. With over 45 million flowers arranged in a variety of stunning designs, the garden is an oasis of vibrant colors and fresh scents in the middle of the desert.

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Dubai Miracle Garden | Best Place to Visit in Dubai

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Facts of Dubai Miracle Garden is a stunning attraction that boasts over 45 million flowers in a wide range of colors and designs. It features various floral arrangements, including a replica of the Emirates Airbus A380. The garden is also home to the world’s largest floral installation, the Mickey Mouse display. With so much to see, it’s no wonder why Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

History of Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden opened its doors in 2013 and quickly became a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. The garden spans over 72,000 square meters, making it the world’s largest natural flower garden. The garden was initially designed to be a small flower garden, but it grew in popularity, and the management decided to expand it to its current size.

Garden Features

The Dubai Miracle Garden has a diverse range of floral displays, including the world’s largest flower arrangement. The garden features flower arrangements in various shapes and sizes, including an Airbus A380 airplane, a life-sized castle, and a giant teddy bear. The floral displays are changed every season, ensuring that the garden remains an exciting attraction for visitors throughout the year.

Sustainability Efforts

Despite its size, the Dubai Miracle Garden is designed to be environmentally friendly. The garden uses a unique irrigation system that recycles wastewater from the nearby treatment plant, saving up to 75% of the garden’s water usage. The garden also uses sustainable farming techniques, such as composting and organic fertilizers, to reduce its environmental impact.

Visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is open from October to April, when the weather is cooler and more comfortable for visitors. The garden is located in the Dubailand area, close to Dubai Sports City and the Dubai Autodrome. Visitors can purchase tickets online or at the garden’s entrance. The garden is wheelchair accessible and has designated parking for visitors.

Activities and Entertainment

The Dubai Miracle Garden offers a variety of activities and entertainment for visitors of all ages. The garden has a butterfly garden, a floral clock, and several photo booths where visitors can capture their memories in the midst of the floral paradise. There are also several food and beverage outlets within the garden, offering a variety of cuisines.

Best Time to Visit

The Miracle Garden is a popular attraction and can get crowded during peak hours. The best time to visit is early in the morning or during weekdays, when there are fewer crowds. Visitors can also plan their visit during the weekdays, which are less busy than the weekends.

Dubai Miracle Garden in Al Barsha

Tips for Visiting

To fully enjoy the Miracle Garden Dubai, visitors should wear comfortable shoes, bring sunscreen, and carry water bottles. The garden has several benches and shaded areas for visitors to rest, and there are several restrooms within the garden.

Future Plans

The Dubai Miracle Garden is constantly evolving, and the management has several plans for future expansion. The garden plans to add more floral displays, including a floral version of the Burj Khalifa, and a theme park within the garden. The management also plans to create an amphitheater within the garden, where visitors can enjoy performances and events.


The Dubai Miracle Garden is a breathtaking attraction that showcases Dubai’s creativity and love for nature. With its impressive floral displays, sustainable efforts, and a wide range of activities, the garden is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Dubai.

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