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5 Easy Tips to Select Water Filters

Installing a water filter system ensures clean and safe water. Many people face challenges in selecting the best water filters for their homes. But before that, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of water filter systems.

Before selecting the water filters, we have to consider what water filter is. Water filters use a fine physical barrier, a chemical process as well as a biological process to remove impurities of water. These filters use two different techniques to remove impurities and dirt from water.

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The first technique is Physical filtration. This technique includes straining water to remove larger impurities. Chemical filtration is another method of filtering. It involves passing water through an active material that removes impurities chemically as they pass through.

So, now, are you guys ready to select the water filter for your home? This article highlights the in-depth knowledge of water contaminants and the basics of water filters so that you can make a wise purchase decision.

Just go through the article to check some tips on selecting the water filters so that you can get your money’s worth.

1- Decide on the Type of Water Filter

The first step in selecting the water filters is to decide on the type of filter. It totally depends on the type of contaminants in your water. You have to determine which contaminants you need to remove from the water flowing into your home.

You have to decide whether you need a whole house water filtration or just drinking water filtration system. Whole house water filtration system will treat all the water coming into the home whereas drinking water filtration system treat just the drinking water at your kitchen tap.

Many people use a combination of whole house water treatment and further refined treatment at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking. So, at this step, you have to decide on the type of water filter.

Believe me, the correct selection of the filter is very necessary to ensure that only completely filtered water flows in your dispensers.

2- Consider the number of bathrooms in your home

The next tip to select water filters is to determine how many bathrooms are in your home. The reason behind this is that there are some water treatment systems that are sized based on the maximum water flow rate through your home.

So, you have to determine how much water will flow through your home during the peak usage times. For example, the peak water usage time is the morning where you may have a shower going and a toilet flushing.

You may also have the dishwasher running and the washing machine on, all at the same time. Hence, considering the number of bathrooms in your home helps you to determine the size needed of specific water treatment systems.

3- Determine what is contaminating your water

This is one of the most important tips in selecting the water filters because it will help you decide if you need to target any specific contaminants when choosing a filtering system.

4- Consider the Flow Rate of Your Dispensers and Appliances

The flow rate means the amount of water that can run through your house dispensers, dishwashers, showers, hot water heaters, as well as toilets. It is measured in gallons per minute.

Before selecting the water filters, you need to know the demand specifications that are provided by the manufacturer of your appliances and water dispensers in your home.

5- Know the Life of Your Water Filter System

Water Filtration Systems

The last tip in selecting the water filters is to know the life of the filter. It is usually determined by the amount of water that it can filter before being replaced.

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Having a water filter system is very vital. This is because, without clean water, your family is at risk of getting water-borne diseases. With above-mentioned tips, you can definitely get the best water filter. You can also compare water filter pitchers with simple filters and can make the best decision.

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