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Enrich Your Vocabulary By Discovering These 10 Web Design Terms

Every industry uses jargon and terms that you get to learn over time and web design has more than its fair share of technical references that any experienced professional will be familiar with.

Some of these terms are considered essential knowledge if you are going to be involved in web design or want to talk in the same language as your web designer.

Web Design Terms


Here are some of the top web design terms to get to know.

1] The language of the web

If you are talking to someone about hosting solutions for your website you will soon be mentioning HTML in the conversation.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the fundamental language of the internet and it was your web designer will use in order to communicate with a web browser and tell it how to handle each piece of content.

2] Creating a visual set of rules

If you imagine that HTML is one of a series of building blocks, another one of those blocks would be Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

What CSS will do is help control visual content such as what color text to use and what background, amongst other creative elements.

3] A popular scripting language

You are highly likely to encounter JavaScript in web design and it is the scripting language that a designer will use to create interactions on each page.

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