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ExoGun: A Massage Device to Keep Tension At Bay

Massage can do a world of good for your body and mind. It can relieve tension, address muscle spasms, improve circulation, and provide enough energy to help you get through the day. However, sessions can last for quite a while, which might not work for you due to your hectic pace of life.

ExoGun DreamPro

If you need a quicker solution, a massage gun may be your best option. There are numerous products on the market, but one device stands out with its groundbreaking methods and hi-tech features – ExoGun DreamPro. Let’s diveright in and see what the machine can do for you.

What You Need to Know About ExoGun

ExoGun - Percussive Massage Therapy Device

Here’s a breakdown of ExoGun’s operation and key components.

Percussive Therapy

ExoGun performs deep tissue massage called percussion therapy. It’s a method that helps improve muscle recovery times and function with a large number of rapid pulsating strokes. The premise is the same as traditional massage, but this technique is a lot faster.

ExoGun’s percussion treatment is beneficial on many levels.

Percussive Therapy

  • Increasing blood flow – Knotted muscles prevent your blood from circulating efficiently. This leads to a range of health problems and can keep oxygen and vital nutrients from reaching their destination. By regulating blood flow and opening blood vessels, ExoGun helps you avoid stiff muscles and associated issues.
  • Greater range of motion –With percussion therapy, you can reduce tension in your muscles to improve your range of motion. Whether you’re having trouble turning your head right and left or swinging your hips, ExoGun can alleviate the problem.
  • Better posture – Maintaining good posture is much easier with healthy joints and muscles. It supports bone health, promotes balance, and prevents aches throughout the body. Best of all, you only need percussion therapy to accomplish it.
  • Relieves stress – Apart from the mental factor, the tension in your neck, shoulders, and spine plays a key role in triggering stress. Releasing the tension using ExoGun helps your body relax and combats anxiety.
  • Boosts mood – Percussion treatment sends a burst of energy through your body. By improving circulation, your muscles receive extra power, and you may also experience euphoria immediately after the massage.

Even though it has such far-reaching effects, ExoGun leaves no permanent damage on your body. It produces miniature blows that reach deep tissue without harming your bones or joints, making it a safe and effective device.

Multiple Attachments

Multiple Attachments

ExoGun is a versatile machine, primarily due to four attachments that target various muscle groups.

  • Ball head – The most widely-used attachment is designed to help alleviate pain in larger muscle groups. It’s perfect for athletes’ post-workout recovery comprising thigh and back treatment.
  • Bullethead – On the other side of the aisle, the bullet head comes with the highest intensity. It delivers focused blows to specific muscle knots or small areas.
  • Flathead – The flathead is a multi-purpose attachment with less intensity. It comes in handy for large muscles due to a non-aggressive shape that won’t cause injuries if it hits joints or bones. It’s also great for people using a massage gun for the first time and are intimidated by its power capabilities. Again, you’re best off using it for larger muscles, such as your glutes.
  • Forkhead – The forkhead attachment comes with two points that specifically target the muscles connecting to your spine. The item can percuss tender muscles without compromising the spine and leading to injury. You can also use the shape for a broad approach and address tight calf muscles.

High Speed

High Speed

Another thing you should look for in your massage gun is speed. In this regard, ExoGun delivers a solid performance. The gadget provides six different settings, ranging from 20 to 53 blows per second (1,200 to 3,200 per minute). It meets industry standards, providing percussions at a satisfactory rate.

Percussion Force

Percussion Force

ExoGun’s motor has a capacity of 60 pounds of pressure. The gun’s core intensity is slightly lower, but you can push the machine manually against your body to create more force. However, the device shuts down if you try to apply more pressure, keeping you safe from injuries.

This force is enough to achieve the desired results, especially compared to the intensity professionals can produce with their hands.

Battery and Accessories

ExoGun - Battery and Accessories

When it comes to the battery, ExoGun’s model can last up to four hours on a full charge. The number may decrease as you apply more pressure.

As for the accessories, the device comes with a charging cable and a convenient carrying case. The product is relatively lightweight and can fit most backpacks. You can take it to your gym or work and give yourself a massage whenever necessary.

Inflict a Decisive Blow to Tension

Inflict a Decisive Blow to Tension

From improving circulation to enhancing posture, ExoGun can have many positive effects on your health. It’s supported by a powerful motor and an array of components to optimize its functionality. To get more details on this product, head over to

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