Finding the Perfect Packaging and Box Board Supplier

Sending something special to your loved one can be nerve-wracking. How much more so when you need to send tens of thousands of fragile products to your customers. To ensure your hard work doesn’t end up returned, find a packaging and paper goods pro.

Perfect Packaging and Box Board Supplier


Packaging is an essential but often dismissed or underrated element. Making sure it gets there safely, however, is not always guaranteed. Luckily so many amazing packaging supplies exist so your special gift ends up where it should intact.

There are so many places you can purchase various packaging supplies. Some people pick up their wrapping paper and boxes at their local post office or big-box store. These are great places to meet your basic shipping needs, but if you run a business or need to send out a high volume of fragile items, a boxboard supplier is the best place to turn.

A box board supplier these days can be found online and should offer a wide range of paper and packaging materials. You will want to find a company that not only has your products but are logistics experts as well.

Shipping is a highly detailed chain of events that begins with you the sender and ends with the recipient. Needless to say, the process in between can be highly complicated and difficult to track and assure quality.

That’s why your supplier should be committed to being an expert in all things shipping and tracking as well as trusted and communicative partner, ensuring your merchandise arrives safely and on time.

1] Different Packing Material for Different Packages

It goes without saying that the packaging you choose will make or literally “break” your item, so do your research when it comes to which material is best-suited for your specific needs. Here are a few popular choices.

  • Containerboard – This lightweight material is eco-friendly and perfect for corrugated box manufacturers. They should come in a range of types and specifications allowing you to create your corrugated boxes with ease.
  • Paper Supplies – Your paper packaging says a lot about you. Finding environmentally and cost friendly options is paramount. Be sure to choose the right paper product whether you are selling coffees and teas or cement, the paper you choose needs to be durable and protective.
  • Boxboard and Duplex – If you need to ship non-durable goods, you will need to purchase a box board option. Items such as processed foods, sodas, and even toiletries should be shipped in boxboard as they have been treated with lamination and can be coated or uncoated for the protection of your items.
  • Pulp – Now that you have your box items, it is time to insulate. This protective padding can come in various forms, from writing-paper to hygiene items. You can choose untreated or treated formats as well as bleached and unbleached. The uses for pulp or endless.

2] International Connections

When it comes to your box board supplier make sure they are well connected. You will want to find a leader in the market, a partner with a true network around the world. A trusted box board supplier and paper goods manufacturer will be well versed in international relations and have access to the best-priced goods.

3] Eco-Considerations

As mentioned there are so many options in paper supply and packaging. Boxboard and many other products can easily be recyclable and take into consideration the limited resources of our planet. Environmentally sound decisions don’t;t have to cost an arm and a leg either.

These days with the growing awareness and accessibility. Your box board supplier should have many cleaner and safer options. Not only will you feel good about your choice to stay eco-friendly but your friends, family, and customers will appreciate it.

4] Takeaway

When it comes to board box suppliers, don’t be shy ask the right questions. Make sure they are a long-standing, trusted partner with a track record to back it up. Do check their financial standing and logistical and shipping history. Do look into how they are as a global partner.

Do they have fantastic international connections or are they limited to their local area? Don’t choose the wrong packaging for your product. Do your research and make sure your box board suppliers are experts who care as much as you do that your products arrive safe and sound.

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