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The term HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. It is a markup language for displaying data on web applications. With the help of HTML code, developers can display high-quality illustrations on web applications. The most unique feature of HTML is that, irrespective of being introduced in recent times, it was quickly adopted by all the popular web browsers that are currently operational.

Modern web applications are very complex as they have to utilize multiple elements at the same time. So, the HTML code for the elements of these applications also becomes very complex. In such a scenario, the developers can use tools to HTML Escape and simplify them. This is a very important process to ensure that these codes remain understandable to the human eye.

So, with this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of escaping HTML. We will try to discuss all the basics of this process, its uses, and also the best practices for performing this process. We will also discuss some of the best online tools that can help developers to perform HTML escape.

Free Online HTML Escape / Unescape Tool

Benefits of HTML Escape

As we already discussed in this article, contemporary HTML codes are very complex and hard to understand for a human developer. So, while outputting these codes, the developers can use various methods to simplify them so that they can easily debug and analyze these codes. The process of using HTML escape is one such way of performing this step. During the early years, the developers had to manually go through the entire code base and simplify them one by one. It was justifiable back then, but now the technology has become so advanced that the code base has become excessively lengthy. So, it is no longer possible for a human developer to go through the entire code base and analyze it. Now multiple software performs this process for human beings.

However, the standalone Softwares come with a lengthy process of downloading, installing, and setting them up. From a developer’s point of view, this is an excessive investment of time that can slow down the development and production process. On the other hand, web applications can perform use similar process while eliminating the setup process. So, in this article, we will mostly focus on web-based tools for HTML escape. The online tools also eliminate any form of platform incompatibility from the development process. This means that while using these tools, the developers can use them on any operating system like windows Linux and even the Mac operating system.

Advantages of Using Tools for HTML Escape

Before discussing all the tools for performing HTML escape, it is very important to take a deeper look into the major benefits of these tools. These benefits will help us understand the use case scenarios of HTML escape. So based on our analysis, the most beneficial factors of HTML Escape tools are as follows:

  • The HTML escape tools are very versatile. This statement means that other than using this tool for performing HTML escape, the developers can also use these tools for other important processes related to application development and testing. For instance, these tools help the developers to check the file for major grammatical errors, generate random data, and also verify the readability. The random data generation process helps the developers to ensure that the user interactive capabilities of the application are up to the mark.
  • Since all the major functions performed by this tool are conducted online, the developers do not have to go through a lengthy installation process. This negligible setup function also helps the developers to ensure that all of their resources are available.
  • Most online HTML escape tools allow developers to work with more than one document at a time. This is a very beneficial feature, as all modern applications consist of multiple code bases that cannot be encrypted within a single document. So, using this feature, the developers can save a lot of time in the application development and testing process.
  • The real-time functioning of these tools helps to improve the psychological health of the developers. This is because they can witness the progress bar in real-time and set up a particular goal in the development process. After this process, the developers can work hard towards achieving this goal for long application development lifecycles.
  • The modern online tools to escape HTML generate highly accurate test results. This is because they use an artificial intelligence integrated technology for continuously analyzing the document. After the analysis, the user interface of these web applications will automatically generate a highly dependable input that the developers can directly integrate into their test bench.

Best Tools for HTML Escape

As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article, tools for HTML escape can be either standalone software or web-based applications. But the developers must also remember that these tools can be further classified into two other categories. They can be either free to use or paid software. The paid softwares are often unbearable for individual creators and small companies as they cannot afford to invest money in the application development process. So, to improve the audience reach of this article, we will mainly focus on free-to-use tools.

In this category, there are hundreds of tools that are available in the market. However, certain tools often do not stand up to the expectations of the end users. Therefore, we have gone ahead and analyzed the most common names in the market. Based on our analysis, the most dependable tools for HTML escape are as follows:

LambdaTest tool for HTML Escape

LambdaTest is one of the most reputed names in the world of application development and testing. With the help of interactive tools, platforms, and high-quality services, this company has created a positive brand image in the world of automation testing. The LambdaTest tool for HTML escape comes under the category of LambdaTest online tools. These tools mainly aim to assist the developers during the application testing process.

For instance, using these tools, the developers can generate random sets of data to verify the traffic handling capabilities of a web application. These tools also allow the developers to verify the user interactive capabilities of a web application. The developers can also use the LambdaTest online tools to convert different codes of multiple programming languages. In simple terms, we can see that it is a one-stop solution to all development requirements.

LambdaTest tool for HTML escape has a very clean user interface. The main motive of this user interface is to ensure that advertisements and popups do not hamper the testing experience of the developers. It also has a mini blog on the homepage to ensure that the developers can gain a lot of information about the process of HTML escape and its scope. LambdaTest has very strict policies to ensure data security and user privacy. For instance, the servers do not store any information after the completion of the testing process. Moreover, the developers have the option to implement further security measures to their satisfaction.


This is yet another online tool that allows developers to perform HTML escape. It performs all the processes in real-time so the developers can visualize the changes as they continue to type the HTML code. This website also allows the developers to automatically upload the HTML file with the help of its URL.

However, the major drawback of this website is that it has multiple advertisements and popups on the home page. In certain cases, these pop-ups might irritate the users as they often come in the way. However, it is a one-stop solution for all testing needs and data conversion requirements. This is because while using this tool, developers can almost perform all the processes that they will require during the application testing lifecycle.

Although this website is completely free to use, the developers have the option to voluntarily contribute a specific amount of money to the developer. This is a very positive gesture as it allows the developers to support the development process independently. The developers also claim that all the services will remain free irrespective of the amount of support that they receive. Another unique feature of this tool is that they consider all the feedback very seriously. So, the developers can rest assured that the owners of this tool will take strict actions against all the bugs that have been reported on the website.

CodeBeautify.Org is one of the most popular names in the world of application testing resources. This is because it practically provides all the tools and functions the developers will require during the application testing and element verification process. Other than allowing the developers to perform HTML escape, the developers can also use this tool to perform multiple grammatical, editorial, and other data-related functions with this online tool. This tool also generates a readability score based on how easy it is to access and interpret the document. This score is highly important to ensure that your application is accessible to readers of all knowledge groups.

This tool has certain ads on the application, but they are placed in such locations that they will not come in the way during the testing process. It also explains the process of HTML escape with the help of interactive illustrations for new developers. Moreover, it also educates the developers about the process of HTML unescaped in case they need to perform this process. This is a very good initiative to spread adequate awareness regarding the proper use of HTML.

The Final Verdict!

So considering all the facts we discussed in this article, we can easily conclude that HTML escape is an important part of the application development and testing process. Moreover, as we are slowly moving towards a development industry that will be completely dominated by automation testing, it is very important for application developers to properly understand the processes related to testing automation. App development companies also have a critical role in spreading proper awareness regarding this segment.

On the other hand, the developers must understand that every tool is unique and aims to serve a specific purpose in the application development lifecycle. So, the developers must select the perfect tool that suits their development needs. Understanding the proper use of HTML escape is one such process towards achieving this goal in the competitive application development market.

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