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MasterChef India Winners List of All Seasons With Pictures

MasterChef India inspired from the Australia & British MasterChef version show, and the concept became extremely popular around the world. The show has given several people a chance to prove that they are the best when it comes to cooking food in the country.

The MasterChef participants also got attention from the big-time restaurants and a chance to become the main chef in the restaurants.

MasterChef India Winners List of All Seasons From 1 To 6

MasterChef India Winner List of All season

Star Plus

The show produced by the Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd. and the Star Plus channel agreed to broadcast it. The judges travel across India to find the best chef, and they select 50 contestants.

Every week, the contestants have to go through a variety of tests, and then they have to secure a spot in top 12 to perform in the finals. However, MasterChef India Winners can only be one that claims the prize title, money, and fame.

MasterChef India Season 1 Winner – Pankaj Bhadouria (Year: 2010)

The first-ever MasterChef India broadcasted in Star Plus channel on 16 October 2010. The show had so many contestants that had no chef backgrounds. However, no one can deny that Chefs had a passion for the cooking and Pankaj was one of them. Bhadouria is the winner of first-ever MasterChef India.

MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria Season 1 Winner

Photo: Instagram MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria

She is one of the prime examples of becoming a successful cook in the country after winning the show. Pankaj is a schoolteacher, and the chef left the 15-year old job to participate in the cooking show.

The first-ever winner of the cooking show went on establishing a Culinary Academy, and it was a successful venture to this date.

  1. The Brand Knorr- Cup a soup, Soups, and Noodles announced that Pankaj is the next brand ambassador. She got to work with actor Kajol in the same brand, and it was one of the successful campaigns on television.
  2. The south popular spice brand Eastern Masala also endorse her.
  3. Bhadouria worked with bigger brands like Samsung, Taaza Tea, Kent, Kellogs, Tefal, and more.
  4. The Spanish government offered her “Olive Oil in India” brand endorsement, and she accepted it.

The female cook established an identity that inspires married or working women to come out of the comfort zone and fulfill their dreams.

Pankaj started to work on nine other television shows related to the cooking. The last project aired on Living Foodz and the show name is “Dream Kitchen.”

MasterChef India Season 2 Winner – Shipra Khanna (Year: 2011–12)

MasterChef India 2 Winner - Shipra Khanna

The MasterChef India found the next winner of the second season Khanna and she born on 17 November 1981. Shipra had an interesting journey after she won the nationwide popular cooking show. The chef accepted to host the “Kitchen Stars ka Safar” on Star Plus.

She won several awards for the passion & love for cooking including “Best Cook Book” award for “Sinfully Yours” at the 2017 World Gourmand Awards held in China. The chef also got an offer to inaugurate the Le Cordon Blue, Paris restaurant.

Shipra hosted a cooking show on the television and the only show in the country that based on the desserts. Himachali of the Year journey boomed after winning the prestigious cooking show in the world.

MasterChef India Season 3 Winner – Ripudaman Handa (Year: 2013)

MasterChef India 3 Winner - Ripudaman Handa

StarPlus / Hotstar

Daman is a young talented chef, and he won the title MasterChef India season three in 2013. The Handa started to cook at a young age for his mother and sister-in-law.

The chef started to cook at home because the mother was too tired to prepare the meals for the family. He uses to prepare chapatis for the Gurudwara because Daman wanted to make perfect rotis.

The chef is known for preparing and cooking oil-free food. The term “healthy food” shined in his dishes and many people prefer his food because it was oil-free & tasty.

Currently, Ripu following the passion for cooking and spreading love all over the world. Daman is the only male chef who took the title MasterChef to home, and rest of the winners are female.

MasterChef India Season 4 Winner – Nikita Gandhi (Year: 2015)

MasterChef India 4 Winner - Nikita Gandhi

Photo: Nikita Gandhi Instagram

Gandhi is the fourth season winner, and it is the best thing happened to her in life. Nikita brought up in Abu Dhabi, UAE and she participated in the MasterChef S4 in 2015.

Gandhi started to cook at an early age, and the mother taught her everything she knows about cooking in the kitchen. The chef tried to prepare the Rasgoola several times, but she never got it right. Nikita blessed with a boy, and she is focusing on her life right now.

MasterChef India Season 5 Winner – Kirti Bhoutika (Year: 2016)

MasterChef India 5 Winner - Kirti Bhoutika

StarPlus MasterChef India

Bhoutika is the youngest contestant that won the title of MasterChef India. She is a passionate cook that loves to bake & prepare sweets. At the age of 20, Kriti was able to start a home-based bakery by the name SugarPlum Cakery.

The internet sources like cooking sites, YouTube, and books taught her cooking and Bhoutika self-learned everything. The chef won the show by preparing a complicated sweet dish that includes lychee berry mousse, winter-spiced berry coulis, aero chocolate mousse, frozen meringue, orange sable cookie, grilled figs, chocolate brownie, and chocolate spiral.

The S5 winner currently working on start-up Sugar Plum Cakery and she is the founder of the bakery located in Kolkata.

MasterChef India Season 6 Winner – TBA (Year: 2019)

MasterChef India Season 6 premiered on 7 December 2019 on Star Plus. It is judged by Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar and Vineet Bhatia.

Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad (2013): Sarthak Bhardwaj

Sarthak is the winner of the Junior MasterChef aired in 2014. The 13-year-old boy took twenty lakhs home after deduction of six lakhs (TAXES). Unfortunately, Bhardwaj struggling to go to school and the Government neglected the young chef. The young chef mother is the bread earner of the house because Sarthak’s father passed away years ago.

According to the news published by the Times of India, the mother struggling to provide two meals a day to the young chef. Bhardwaj wants to go to abroad to complete the Hotel Management education.

Note: We cannot confirm the news about the Sarthak.

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The MasterChef India season five aired in 2016 and the producers of the show have not decided to prepare for the season six. Let us know what do you think about the MasterChef India winners in the comment section below.

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