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How to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone

Your birthday is your day. It is that day of the year when you are made to feel extremely special. Many people throw grand parties on their birthday. Others plan holiday trips while yet others love spending time with their family members. Surprise parties are also planned for some.

Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

Celebrate Your Birthday Alone

However, there are times when we are away for work or because of some other reason and do not get to celebrate our birthday with our family or friends. Now, instead of turning it into a dull occasion, you can make it memorable.

It is your birthday and it calls for a special celebration. So what if there is no one around? You can very well plan something for yourself and make the day special.

After all, there is nothing like self love. Don’t have ideas? Do not worry! We are here to help you with it. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your birthday alone.

Go for a Short Solo Trip

So, you do not have friends and family around on your birthday? Well, take this time to enjoy some “me time”. You may have gone on many trips with your loved ones. You may even have enjoyed a lot on these trips. But, it is time to try something different this time.

Look for a nearby place of your interest and go for a short solo trip. Solo trips are pure fun. They give you a chance to do what you love without any obligation. You are free to plan and do everything as per your sweet will.

You get to decide everything – the place, the budget, the itinerary and every other thing. A solo trip is an opportunity to learn and explore. It is a refreshing experience. This is the best thing you can do for yourself on your birthday.

Pamper Yourself

Another amazing way to celebrate your birthday alone is by pampering yourself. So, just book an appointment at a good salon and go for a complete head to toe beauty package. Alternatively, you may go for a spa session. Both these option are relaxing and rejuvenating. Thus, they make for a great way to celebrate your birthday alone.

Indulge in Your Favourite Activity

We seldom get a chance to indulge in our choice of activities during our routine lives. There is just so much to do every day that we keep pushing such things. Even as we wish to squeeze in some time for these activities, most of us our unable to.

If there has been something on your mind since some time then take this occasion to indulge in the same. It can be sketching, going for a round of paint ball, going for go-karting, bringing home new plants or just about anything. Just do it and see how good you feel consequently.

Go for a Movie/Play

You can never go wrong with this plan. If a good movie has released around that time then you have a ready made plan. Just book a ticket and head to the theater. You may even go watch a play. Theater performances are as much fun as movies. Choose a play in a genre of your choice and go watch it.

Treat Your Taste Buds

Who doesn’t love good food? Delicious food uplifts the mood instantly. When you are all alone you get to choose what to order. Head to a fancy restaurant and order your favourite food to treat your taste bud.

And yes, no one is bringing you cake this time? So what? Buy one for yourself! Make a wish, blow the candles and cut the cake. It is time to do things you love and make yourself feel special.

Indulge in Social Service

It is rightly said, “There is no joy like the joy of giving”. You receive gifts on your birthday each year, don’t you? Why not do something different this year?

How about giving gifts instead? Buy some chocolates, stationary items, juices and fruits and head to an orphanage. Distribute these among the children there and see the smile on their face. You may even give such gifts to poor children roaming around on the streets.

It is also a good idea to do something for Mother Nature. Join an environmental NGO on this special occasion. This is a good way to start your journey towards building a cleaner and greener environment. Plant a few trees on the special occasion and ask those around you to do the same. Continue the practice, thereafter!

Binge Watch Your Favourite Series

Not feeling like going out? Too tired and wish to relax at home? Well, the best way to keep yourself entertained through the day is by binge watching your favourite web-series. It is your day and you are alone.

This is the time to watch what you love the most. There are so many web series to choose from. Start a new one or watch one of your favourites all over again. Order some good food and enjoy your day.

Spending your birthday alone is not all that bad after all, isn’t it? You can make the occasion special for yourself. We hope the ideas shared here will help you make it memorable. We wish you have a blast on your birthday and enjoy it to the fullest!

Besides, do not forget to express gratitude on your special day. Begin your day by expressing your deepest gratitude for all that you have been bestowed with. Also, do not forget to end your day by thanking the almighty. The more thankful you are for what you have the more positivity flows into your life.

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