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Your Detailed Guide On the 5 Best Website Designs

With every brand presenting itself with a premium-looking website, standing out amidst the crowd is tough. So what can you do to highlight your website with utter perfection? For starters, equip it with a foolproof web design.

Best Website Designs

Web designs are the core of any website, making up for crucial factors like aesthetics, security, and user experience.

There is an abundance of sites you can review to get an idea for your website design. However, since only some of them manage to execute the process impeccably, assessing their vision might proffer a better perspective.

Here are the top 5 websites designs every business should learn from.

Best 5 Website Designs 

Top Web Design of 2012 – Blacknegative

Dark Mode is the Meta in 2021, but Blacknegative nailed the trend in 2012 itself. Be it eye-pleasing visuals, smooth transitions, or subtle use of CTA buttons, Blacknegative tops every benchmark.

Its intuitive design redefines site functionality, font use, and attention to detail. A mere visit to the site will provide you an idea of the impeccably displayed skills. With an apt background score accompanying the aesthetics, the site is a must-see.

Top Web Design of 2014 – Aquest

While an exquisite use of visuals can bring a website to life, the right dose of music can enhance it further. This might be an apt definition of what is Aquest. The site merges multiple artistic touches to deliver a unique user experience.

With its classy cursor effects, motion use, to typography, the site is remarkable. But what makes it truly genius is the use of music to point out its every minor detail. The site oozes intuitiveness no matter where you look.

Top Website Design of 2016 – Paper Planes

Paper Planes is the ideal representation of great things achieved through simplicity. With spinning earth and flying paper planes being its core visual, the site hooks the users’ attention instantly.

Paper Planes uses the power of storytelling to showcase an immaculate design without using intense visuals or background music.

Top Website Design of 2018 – Feed Music

Capturing viewers attention is the primary function of a website design, and Feed Music executes it impeccably. The main page packs the perfect balance of smooth animation and pleasing colors. The scrolling functionality on the site gives a Star Wars movie vibe, making the site even more appealing.

Top Web Design of 2020 – Skyline Films

The entertainment sector offers many artistic geniuses, and Skyline Films is the sector’s contender in the web design domain. With mobile-friendliness being the craze in recent years, the site stands as the epitome of modern consumer demand.

Acting as an active promotor of the Sherlock Holmes movie series, the site bridges the gap between next-gen and period pieces. Any business trying to dominate the mobile-friendly website arena must visit the site once to grasp its concept.

In Conclusion: Which Web Design to Choose in 2023?

Websites have become a necessity for every business. Pondering which kind of design to choose can be challenging. The mentioned five sites showcase brilliance in different sectors and help any brand understand get viable website design ideas.

Every site mentioned on the list can be deemed the best site design in 2023, so visit them and then see what direction most aligns with your business needs. Understand how these sites executed their idea and become the next big thing on the internet. Companies like digitalstream are helping businesses build a custom web design on par with any of these sites.

Do proper research and decide how to build a website that will be the most appealing to your target audience. A web design company in website design, custom web development, mobile apps & digital marketing. They create visibly attractive and functional web portals for clients.

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