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4 Free Sites You Should List Your Business On Right Now

With over 40% of the world’s population active on social media, it’s more critical than ever for businesses to build strong online identities and put in place robust social media marketing strategies to appeal to stakeholders.

Whether you’re a small business, an entrepreneur or even a future influencer, listing your brand on the right sites is the first step to competing with your rivals in an increasingly saturated market.

4 Free Websites to List Your Business

Free Places to List Your Business

That’s why we’ve put together a list of four free and reputable sites and the benefits of listing your business on them.

Everybody Wiki

Created in late 2017, Everybody Wiki is still in its infancy when compared with other social media giants. With its clean layout, Kris Duggan’s Everybody Wiki page is a perfect example of how you can use this innovative new platform to showcase an individual or company.

Everybody Wiki has several useful features, including an external links section where you can list your other social media profiles. And, while lending a similar feeling of credibility to your brand as Wikipedia might, Everybody Wiki prides itself on accepting bios from individuals and businesses who aren’t yet well-known.


LinkedIn boasts the prestigious title of the world’s largest professional networking platform and also the most credible. With more than 13 million businesses signed up, it’s a fantastic place to generate sales leads, establish yourself as an industry thought leader and even scope out your competitors.

One of LinkedIn’s strongest draw cards is the legitimacy it can lend a budding business. Major search engines, such as Google, will pull up your LinkedIn profile when someone searches for your company, potentially even pushing down less positive results, such as negative customer reviews.


A branded Facebook page is a must. Unlike more corporate sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook offers you a chance to humanize your business.

You can do this by curating your Facebook profile picture and cover photo and creating a voice for your posts that suits your brand.

For example, if your business sells swimsuits for young adults, you might give your Facebook page a cool yellow and blue color scheme and create posts that contain slang and other colloquial language that appeal to your target audience.

Another useful feature is the ability to create polls, which can be used to gain marketing insights and create user engagement.


Don’t let the character limit fool you. Research shows that tweets are short but mighty, with 80% of users having mentioned a brand in a tweet. Twitter’s brief, conversational format sets it apart from its peers, allowing users to interact with you in an informal manner, which can help you gather intel to improve your product or service.

Twitter is also great for showing fans that you’re responsive to questions and complaints. A recent study found that 83% of users with complaints that received a brand reply liked or loved the fact that the business responded.

Trends have shown that social media marketing continues to play a key part in all successful businesses engagement plans. So, if you’re serious about increasing your business visibility, take a step in the right direction by listing your bio on one or more of these four social media platforms today.

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