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Friendspire – Get the Best Content Recommendations From a Network You Trust

Say you are trying to figure out the best books to read? You Google “best books to read” and a new problem arises.

There are multiple articles that answer your query, however, each gives you a different “top 10 books to read” list and no one recommendation appears.

Friendspire – Reviews You Trust

Friendspire - Friendly Recommendation Apps


As you become totally flustered with this overwhelming confusion of too many reviews, you decide on the next best thing. You head to social media and check out the titles your friends have been reading or better still ask your gang for their recommendation on the best book to read.

The above behavioral pattern is repeated when you are probably trying to decide which TV series or movie to watch, what music or podcasts to listen or which bars to visit.

If that seems a long enough vetting process to go through every time you look for the best recommendation, here is a new life raft for you!.

1] Enter Friendspire

Started by two friends, Markus Straarup and Morten Schroeder, this app helps you get the recommendations and shares made by your group of friends, and essentially helps you find the best of content curated by the people you trust.

To put it simply, Friendspire is your network of trusted, close-knit friends you can turn to for advice next time you’re looking for a suggestion.

2] What can you do with Friendspire?

Creating a profile is the first step to experiencing the many advantages of having Friendspire on your phone. Follow friends already using the app to see what they recommend.

If you find someone who shares your taste in movies, music, food, etc. you could follow them too. Friendspire recommendations are categorized as Movies, TV shows, Books, Podcasts, Restaurants and Bars & clubs.

When you’re looking for a recommendation, all you need to do is click on the relevant category in your friend’s profile. You’ll get reviews and ratings in a click.

Friendspire isn’t just about getting recommendations. It’s about sharing your own as well. When you read a great book, you can rate it and review it for your friends as well.

This is a great way for you to keep track of everything. You can bookmark your favorites and build a library as a ready-reckoner.

This app is great to have even if the rest of your gang hasn’t downloaded it yet. You can get honest, trustworthy reviews from other people with great taste.

Exploring curated lists can open your eyes to movies, books, podcasts and more that you may otherwise have skipped.

3] Last word

Friendspire is a social network app but it’s focused on making a positive impact. It’s a safe space for people to connect on experiences they’ve enjoyed and that they think everyone should enjoy too.

Though it’s an app on your phone, it’s designed to help you discover real-world experiences ad cut down on unnecessary time you spend on the phone.

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