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Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, Awards

Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri is a Thai TV actor and model who has been active in the Thai entertainment business since 2021. Garto Pannawit has a significant following on TikTok. He is noted for his playing abilities in the popular Thai drama “The Tuxedo,” which was released in 2022, and the Thai film “Long Live Love,” which was released in 2023.

Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Pannawit Phattanasiri was born on July 13, 2005. He is also known as Garto, a Thai actor and model. We don’t have much information about Garto’s early education, graduation, family, and relationship status. The actor has not revealed anything about his personal life on the internet. But as soon as we get some information about the actor or if he reveals it on social media/internet, we will update the article.


He made his acting debut in the Thai entertainment business with the television series “Siew Sum Noi” in 2021, and he has been actively working since then. His most successful production, which garnered him worldwide recognition, was the Thai drama “The Tuxedo (2022)”. His most recent film is Pee Nak 4, which was released in 2024.

School Tales: The Series is a 2022 Thai anthology horror terror television series produced by Netflix and directed by Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon, James Thanadol Nuansut, Songsak Mongkolthong, and Tum Putipong Saisikaew. Netflix distributed it internationally on August 10, 2022. “School Tales the Series” is a new Thai horror anthology featuring eight horrifying ghost stories set in schools, created by six Thai directors talented at scaring audiences. Eight terrifying comic book stories have been converted into an 8-episode series that will scare everyone off the school grounds at night. A girl jumps to her death; a haunting library; canteen food made from human flesh; a headless ghost in the school warehouse; a devil-infested chamber; an angry demon in an abandoned building; and a classroom with only dead kids. Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri will play the main role, Tim. He is a pupil who despised Teacher Waiwan because he was often disciplined. But who would have guessed that Tim was the one who played the most important role in the ghost of the teacher? The explanation is that this youngster was able to locate both Guru Waiwan’s head and the killer. Garto Pannawit Phattanasiri is a young Thai actor whose performances should be awaited. His performance in this drama is full of hilarious expressions and is highly pleasant.

The Tuxedo is a Thai BL series about a gifted tailor, his affluent customer, and their romantic relationship. The two characters first disagree due to a family rivalry and personality issues. Despite a difficult start, their connection grows stronger as they develop a love attraction. The pair begins on an emotional journey as they confront drama and trauma together.  Unfortunately, The Tuxedo features poor writing, questionable stereotypes, and an offensive representation of mental health. While there is some chemistry between the protagonists, the acting is stiff, and the relationship does not evolve naturally. Aioun is a skilled tailor who creates outfits for a living. He owns a profitable family boutique with his two younger brothers, Oab and Art. Despite his good reputation in the market, Aioun is careful about accepting new clients. He exclusively builds suits for persons who have established a connection with him.

Long Live Love is a romantic comedy directed by Priyakarn Bootprasert. The plot revolves around Sati and his family, whose lives are going to be flipped upside down as a result of his erratic behavior. An unforeseen turn of circumstances creates significant changes in the guy, allowing him to realize the value of his family. The Thai film, which is available on Netflix, has received a lot of attention due to its great cast, which includes Rebecca Patricia Armstrong, Araya A. Hargate, Sunny Suwanmethanont, and others. Sati and Meta had an alienated marriage as a result of his poor behaviors. Sati is a womanizer with the wrong pals who are guiding him down a dangerous road. His modeling job attracted a lot of attention, so he took advantage of the circumstances and his amazing looks. Sati and Meta were already considering a divorce when he was involved in an event that impaired his memory and caused him to have partial amnesia. The physicians predicted that he would restore his memory within a few months. When he returned home from the hospital, he had forgotten everyone, so Meta decided not to remind him of their previous connection. She said that she was his sister and Namo, their daughter, was the maid. She had removed all of their family photos from the house so that he would not be reminded of past events. However, following a series of events, Sati sees the links as clearly as day.

After fighting dangerous curses from earlier Pee Nak flicks, the old crew resumes their tranquil lives. The gorgeous Thai-Korean star Do Min Joon is preoccupied with fan meets, while Balloon and First work their way up to become top talent managers. It sounds like a pleasant conclusion. However, a fresh chapter of terror awaits them at the Ghost Mask Festival. The Ghost Mask Festival is a local celebration of the spirits of ancestors, holy beings that protect their descendants and provide wealth and abundance. Min Joon, Balloon, and First happen to be on vacation during the event. But the festival of virtue is tarnished by bad karma when a strange blue-eyed guy reappears to demand that Do Min Joon keep a promise he can’t remember making or what it’s about.

The Thai film Hoon Payon was directed by Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon. It stars Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Up Poompat Iam-samang, and Nick Kunatip Pinpradab. It was released in Thailand on March 9, 2023. Tham seeks for his brother Thi to bring the news of their parents’ deaths. Thi was ordained as a monk in a monastery on Don Sing Tham Island. Upon arrival, Tham encounters Jes, the former abbot’s grandson. Jes creates hoon pay on, charmed effigies of the deceased. Tham learns about a report that Thi disappeared after slaying the abbot. Tham does not believe the narrative, nor does he understand the villagers’ unusual devotion to Pho Pu Sing Tham’s artwork. Though his appearance disturbs Tham, Pho Pu Sing Tham is reported to protect them. Soon after, a girl goes missing, a ferocious animal roams the island, an angry ghost abounds, and, worst of all, the statue of Pho Pu Sing Tham is destroyed. The outraged villagers plan to curse and seek down the unknown offender.


  • School Tales the Series (2022)
  • The Tuxedo: Re-Edit Version (2022)
  • The Tuxedo (2022)
  • Siew Sum Noi (2021)


  • Pee Nak 4 (2024)
  • Long Live Love (2023)
  • Hoon Payon (2023)
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