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Why You Should Be Getting A Chair With Lumbar Support

When you go into an office supply store, you’re certain to browse plenty of office chairs with stickers proudly boasting “lumbar support” or “lower lumbar padding.” But what exactly does that even mean?

More importantly, do you need lumbar support? If so, why?

Getting A Chair With Lumbar Support

Let’s take a look at why you should consider getting yourself a chair that offers you some lumbar support.

What Is Your Lumbar Spine?

Before we talk about what lumbar support is, let’s take a look at what the lumbar even is.

Your lumbar refers to your lumbar spine. This area of the spine contains the vertebrae that make up the lower area of the spine, right above your coccyx (also known as your tailbone.)

This is the area of the back that is where many people feel back pain associated with sitting or standing for long hours throughout the day. As such, there are many products offering support for this area of your back.

Why You Need Lumbar Support On Your Chair

So what is lumbar support on your chair going to do for you? Is it worth the investment to get that fancy lumbar support chair?

In short, yes. It can offer you many health benefits, some of which you may not have even considered before. Let’s look at some of the biggest ones.

Relief from Back Pain

The most immediate change you’ll notice when you get some good lumbar support is that your back pain will disappear.

When we sit in a chair all day (like we do when we work those 9-5 office jobs) it’s natural for us to get tired and slouch. When we slouch, we put extra pressure on parts of our back that aren’t designed to hold us upright. Our lumbar spines can curve in the opposite direction from the way it’s supposed to which causes pinched nerves.

By adding lumbar support, you are forcing your lumbar spine to curve as it is naturally supposed to. This can get that pressure off of those sensitive parts of your back and pinched nerves, leaving you with a less achy back at the end of the day.

Improved Posture

When you slouch for too long and repetitively, your body eventually conforms to that poor posture. This can lead to issues with digestion and improper alignment of the spine which causes pain everywhere in your body.

The lumbar cushion reminds you to sit forward on your seat, engaging those core muscles and keeping your spine in check.

What to Do If You Don’t Have Lumbar Support in Your Chair

If all of this sounds fantastic to you but you don’t have the thousands to cash in on a new lumbar support chair, you have options.

Instead of trying to get a huge chunk of cash together, you can easily order a lumbar support cushion to add to the chair that you already have.

How to Use a Lumbar Support Cushion

When it comes to a lumbar cushion, the thing that matters the most is the placement of lumbar support.

You’re going to want to strap the cushion onto the back of your chair. Luckily, you can adjust it to rest right in the small of your back to provide that lumbar support where you need it.

Get a Chair With Lumbar Support for Relief Today

If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain from working at a desk all day, it’s time to make that small change to ease that back pain.

Get yourself a chair with lumbar support or something as simple as a lumbar cushion for back pain relief today.

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