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The Helen Doron Educational Franchise (Complete Guide)

Helen Doron is an educational group that stands at the forefront of establishing innovative educational systems. Helen Doron also provides exclusive learning programs together with quality educational materials for teens, adolescents, children and babies across the globe. This educational group has grown to become the one of the world’s largest children’s educational franchisors.

How to Start a Helen Doron Educational Group Franchise

Helen Doron Franchise Costs & Fees

The Helen Doron Educational Group features about 900 learning centers across 5 continents in 36 different countries. It also has about 90 Master Franchisees.  Helen Doron offers full kindergarten programs in South Korea and Turkey.

1) Business Opportunities

With over 195 countries in the world and thousands of different dialects, more people are open to the idea of letting their children learn the English language. All the same, most young people living in countries where English is neither the official or national language desire to learn and speak English. Lucky for them, Helen Doron English offers the best-in-class coursework developed by individuals who are not only experienced but are also experts in the English language.

2) Helen Doron English: Croatian Franchise

Ana is a lady from Zadar, Croatia who grew up speaking both Croatian and English. Through her mother’s love for the English language, Ana fell in love with the language even getting a degree in English teaching. Soon after completing her degree back in 2009, Ana started searching for a teaching job. Fortunately for her, she stumbled upon an ad for the opening of the first Helen Doron English center in Zagreb.

After a little bit of research online on the Helen Doron Educational Group, Ana decided to send in her CV the national franchisor. After several interviews, Ana was hired becoming one of the first two certified Helen Doron teacher in Croatia. Eight years down the line, Ana prides herself on being able to garner experience and can now teach all of the courses.

3) Helen Doron English: Spain Franchise

Meena Athwani who is originally from Pune, India has been able to climb the Helen Doron Franchise ladder. She is the National Coordinator for Spain. Meena came across the Helen Doron Educational Group while she was looking for courses for little children online.

Helen Doron English Franchise

Following an ad for a Helen Doron English Teacher Training in Spain, Meena started thinking about teaching. Since she had always loved teaching, Meena went for training and became an established Helen Doron teacher in Catalonia. In 2009, Meena was asked to become Catalonia’s Master Franchisor and she agreed.

By 2013, there were about three master franchisors in Spain and Meena was offered the position of a National Coordinator in Spain. As of now, there are more than 5,000 students and about 118 Helen Doron English teachers in Spain.

4) Helen Doron English: China Franchise

The Helen Doron educational franchise in China is quite beneficial because most of the competition classes offer classes for young ones that are originally designed for adults. Therefore, Claire Jiang who is a Master Franchisor in China is a perfect example of a young entrepreneur who has managed to successfully thrive in a very competitive market in her country.

Benefits of Helen Doron English franchise

Since more and more people, adults and children alike have the desire to learn English; Helen Doron offers a nice platform to a wide variety of individuals. 🙂

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