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5 Side Hustles to Make Some Extra Money

Life would be a lot more easier if only we could find a few extra bucks without giving up on your current work. There are a few ways that can help you in making some passive income on the side. These don’t require you to invest much, and can use your existing gear. Much of these ideas are based on a few things that you should own in the first place.

Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home (2017)

Easy ways to make extra money each month

1) Taking stock photos and selling online

A majority of us have a good camera at hand, and have a keen eye towards photography. Now you can put that skill of yours into some good use by making some money out of it by selling your photos online as stock photos.

Stock photos are in great demand all the time and if you are skilled enough to take good photographs, they would sell quickly. From content marketers to advertisers, everyone is looking for good photos to be used in their articles. Companies like Shutterstock and iStock photos have a huge repository of pictures with them for use.

Almost all major stock photo companies, including the ones mentioned, allow photographers to add their photos and share the profits on sales. If you can click quality photos or already have some good photos with you, just upload them to these platforms and make some money off it.

2) Selling College Notes

If you are a recent graduate, and have some good quality notes with you, you can sell it for good value. You can make cash by selling your good quality of notes. A platform, Studysoup allows students to sell their quality notes online.

Though it might seem simple, there are a lot of things that you should consider first, The content should be original, and should be simple and easy to read and understand. Coded notes will be difficult for others to understand and it’s best to stick to English.

If you are still in college, put some extra effort to get your notes right, as it will help you twice, during your exams and after your exams, when you sell it.

3) Rent Your Second Car

If you have an extra car in your garage, then you can put it to some good use by renting it out for some extra cash with apps like Hyrecar or Uber. You’ll need to check out what are Uber black car requirements before applying for it though.

Make Money by Renting Your Car

Once you get your car into it, there are some added maintenance costs involved with these kind of services as you need to keep your car in good condition for continued enrollment.

4) Try Publishing an eBook

E-books are very good examples for generating passive income. If you have a good skill set when it comes to writing i.e., basic grammar skills and creativity, then this can fetch you some good income. If you are writing some interesting content that’s worth reading, you will be able to reap its benefits for many more years.

Compared to traditional publishing, this requires very less investment. Amazon lets you self publish e-books and share the profits when people buy your book.

Take the effort to write on topics which are in demand. You can figure it out by looking at the stats for most sold e-books.

5) Put Your Design Skills to Good Use

If you are good with graphic design software and can design stuff, you can make some pretty good income just by creating quirky t-shirt designs. Platforms like Cafepress and Spreadshirt enables people to create and sell their own designs and share the profits.

I hope this article was useful for you to learn more about generating passive income on the side. If you have any doubts regarding the topic, let us know through the comments and we  will be glad to help you out. Let us know your suggestions as well for us to improve. 🙂

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