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Cleaning Tall Buildings Windows

Do skyscrapers ever get a good clean-up? The dirtier your windows are, the poorer is the view you have. If you run a company, you simply cannot allow the facade to appear worn-out and disorderly. It’s not professional.

Window Cleaning


The same rule goes for hotel owners. You won’t attract anyone if you don’t care how your building looks. Most of the tall buildings require special skills to clean. If you’re afraid of heights, have poor balance or don’t have the human resources necessary for the task, you are probably looking for an alternative.

Why clean window is the best window?

Cleaning your windows is a routine task. Many of us don’t like it for various reasons and we only deal with them before important events, like Christmas, Easter or a specific time of the year – most often in the spring. In other times people avoid cleaning them due to the lack of time or procrastination. Is it even necessary to have them cleaned on a regular basis?

The answer to the question may not be the one that you’d like to hear. The truth is that your windows should be cleaned regularly. It’s not just the simple improvement in appearance that was mentioned before. If contaminants are left on the windows for a long time, they simply destroy it.

Both timber and glass are in much better shape when you consistently remove the dirt. When you take care of windows, they definitely last much longer. In addition, if you leave some types of dirt on the windows for too long, it can be really difficult to remove.

Do you want to know more advantages of regular window cleaning? If you see them up close every now and then, you can monitor their state. Windows protect you from the various fluctuations in temperature, rainfall, and wind. They also offer a high level of insulation.

Window Cleaning Task


You can’t also forget that clean windows give more light to the room. You probably do not appreciate the difference between the washed and dirty ones.

If you forget about the windows for a few weeks, you’ll get 30 to 40% less sunlight into your apartment. This is quite a number, especially when you consider the importance of natural lighting for the well-being of every human.


It is a well-known technique in the construction industry. It’s also, by far, one of the most expensive methods, as it requires assembling a protection bridge for pedestrians around the building and requires getting a special permit.

Scaffolding is becoming one of the most unwanted cleaning methods, due to high costs, time-consuming complexity, and possible roof damage created by roof rigs and their re-setups.

It was only affordable by large companies, but in the end, even they had a hard time justifying spending so much on regular clean-ups.  Because of the high costs and inconveniences, an alternative has been created.

Rope Access

It’s quick, affordable and doesn’t need permission from the city council. Sounds perfect and it is just that. No hidden tricks, problems or dirty windows. How does it work? Industrial abseiling is a technique used by specialists with a unique set of skills and access to advanced tools.

Before you hire a company, you have to check if they focus on safety and have the required training. If you want to find the best company, look out for those that can take pride in providing their employees with IRATA international training, abrasive wheel training, and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). Well-qualified teams are going to work safer and faster. Efficient service is what makes rope access so amazing.

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