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Things To Consider During Your Domain Name Search

There goes a lot when selecting a domain name, from finalizing a brandable name to ensuring a copyright-free web address. You have to look beyond selecting the perfect name to start your website with as your domain name becomes a brand anchor for years to come.

Once you have finalized 2 to 3 domain names you want to call your brand name, there are a few more steps to consider before registering to avoid any legal battles and lost value of your domain name over the long run.

Domain Name Search & Registration

Research your competition

Before you finalize what, you want your web business to call, take a look at the domain names of competitors and leaders in your niche industry. Notice any keywords relevant to industry or productsor extensions other than the .com that they include in their web address.

Once you have decided what keywords or domain extensions should make their way into your domain name,check for their availability with the domain name search tool.

Steer clear from trademarks

With all the new domain extensions available these days, you don’t have to start selecting the domain name process from scratch. You can simply go with a different domain extension.

For example, if you are going for the domain name, but you realize that the domain has already been taken, you can instead go for the .in domain extension. When it comes to domain registration price, .in domain price always stands down from the .com domain. This makes it a more affordable option for beginner website owners.

However, before you register a domain name with any extension, you would like to make sure you check for copyright and trademark with the website.

Thus, before registering the web address, make sure some other brand didn’t have it first or that the word is not mentioned under the prohibited trademarks.

Check availability on social media

Apart from the business website, social media platforms have become a major opportunity for businesses and brands to connect with their target audience and boost business reach and revenue.

However, for your customers to recognize your brand on different social media platforms, your website address, store/brand name, and social media handles should be the same or similar.

Thus, before registering your domain name, take a few minutes to search for the social media platforms to check if the social media handles are the same as your domain is available.

Beware of hidden registration fees

Some companies charge additional costs, such as domain transfer charges which should be provided for free as per the ICANN rules. Some companies may offer hidden fees which are not mentioned anywhere on the website but in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

Make sure your domain registration and hosting company is being transparent about the registration and renewal charges as well as other fees before registration.

Check domain history

No one likes to start their business with negativity attached to their business name. However, this might happen if you unknowingly register and host a domain that previously has a negative SEO ranking or, even worse,has been blacklisted by the search engine browsers.

Thus, you should check for the history of your chosen domain name to get started on the right foot with SEO and Google ranking.

By using these tips, not only you can find the best brandable domain name but make sure that the web address brings all the good luck and fortune at the start of your new online business.

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