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How an Email Validator Can Change the Shape of Your Business

Email marketing has changed the dynamics of marketing like nothing else. It has become one of the most widely used tools in the current era. Statistics show that no other marketing technique works quite like emails. People have a better recall of the information shared over email than on social media. Not to forget the personalised touch that it adds to the entire story.

Validate Email Address

While email marketing offers tremendous support when used the right way, there is one major flaw with it. A lot of times the email addresses registered in email lists are wrong, due to typo errors and other reasons. A misspelled letter or a number means someone just signed up for your emails with the wrong address. You can easily clean invalid emails, by using email verification tools mentioned by AccuWebHosting.

This is why using a bulk email verifier has become so essential. No matter industry you operate in, it is vital to ensure your database is clean of errors and spam traps, and the best way to verify it is by using an email validator.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of email validators:

  • Spam trap detection is amongst the most preferred features. A good email verifier will identify spam traps and aid your business tremendously. Combined with catch-all email detection, it will take your metrics to another level.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the email bounce detection. Nothing matches the results that it offers. A dependable bulk email verifier lets us know which emails will bounce based on the email ID.
  • Toxic domain detection is a feature that is absolutely necessary for marketers. It is important to keep track and be weary of the domains known for abuse and spam. It also helps detect bot created emails. Disposable email detection is another feature that compliments the first one.
  • Social append is a feature that reveals missing information about your subscribers. A great email verifier can determine the name, gender and region where a certain email address was registered, by studying the IP. The software then adds that info to your list, thus helping you know your audience better.

Free Bulk Email Verifier and Validation

  • Reporting is another feature that sets email verifiers apart. Some offer detailed reports regarding the progress of your email campaigns. This helps you gain a perspective on the key metrics. You can select which report you would like to download and use that data to create better newsletters.
  • Email abuse detection is vital in today’s email marketing. It helps detect which email accounts have a history of marking messages as spam. By knowing your complainers, you have the possibility to protect your sender reputation by not sending them emails. It is important to keep your list healthy and send campaigns only to people who relay want to hear from you.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools nowadays for businesses of all sizes. It keeps you in touch with your customers and it is the most effective way to communicate with them.

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