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How Can In Home Healthcare Be Profitable During A Pandemic?

In America, a phenomenon is happening where there are more elderly people over the age of 65 than children below the age of 5. And it is estimated that almost 6 million Americans rely on or prefer home healthcare over the assisted living and nursing homes.

Because of this, there has been an increase in demand in home healthcare workers where there is an estimated 2.3 million of them and this figure is steadily increasing.

Home Healthcare Be Profitable During A Pandemic

However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have suffered the negative effects of worldwide lockdowns to curb the virus. But what about home healthcare? Is this business resilient to the effects of the pandemic? Can it still maintain its profitability while even bigger brands have shuttered their stores? Keep reading.

How home healthcare remains profitable in a pandemic

Home healthcare is Essential

Due to COVID-19, home is now the safest place to be especially for our elders. Dramatic measures have been taken whereby even going out for a simple grocery run can be stressful.

Imagine an elderly couple living alone who is not up to date with the latest ‘new normal’ rules going out for a grocery run for the first time since the pandemic. They would be lost amidst all the scanning and the mask-wearing etc. Moreover, they would be exposed to the virus.

Since the pandemic, home healthcare has become more than just an option but an essential service. Threatened by an unseen enemy, many are doing their best to protect the elderly or ill loved ones from being exposed to the virus by hiring home healthcare workers.

Especially for those living far away from their elderly relatives, many relied on home healthcare to check in on their loved ones and ensure that they have all the necessities during the lockdown.

Safety protocol

For home healthcare businesses to remain profitable during a pandemic, safety measures and protocols must be put in place in order to protect both the home healthcare workers as well as the patients and patient’s family members.

As workers will be going from household to household, they are a convenient vessel for the virus to spread. Therefore, proper Personal Protective Equipment should be worn at all times and should also be properly sanitized before and after each client.

Go digital

According to McKinsey, COVID-19 has catapulted us forward 5 years in consumer and business digital adoption in just a matter of 8 weeks! For businesses to survive during this pandemic, digitization is of utmost importance.

Digitization has been implemented by businesses in terms of remote working, digital outreach, online ordering, and delivery, etc. How can digitization help home healthcare services?

Apps are a great way to keep track of things. To make things smoother, home healthcare services can use apps for staff to keep track of their schedules. As for patients, an app could be useful for them to place orders or book a service whenever they need with a tap of a button.

Home healthcare workers can show them how to use the app on one of their house calls. Should customers require contactless deliveries of medication or essential items, they can also request it via the app. Furthermore, there can also be an emergency button in case of emergencies.

For even more added benefit, you can also have interactive sessions or video calls to keep the elderly occupied at home. While we might be used to all this technology, it would certainly be something new and exciting for our elderly!

Patients who are worried about house calls due to the pandemic can also arrange for teleconsultations for their regular check-ups.

Having said this, it has been more than 6 months since COVID-19 was announced to the world and the number of cases is still rising with no end in sight. Therefore, home healthcare is truly the answer to ensuring our loved ones have adequate care at home to keep them healthy and out of hospital beds.

Thanks to home healthcare services, patients can receive their regular medical check-ups and receive all kinds of therapy at home.

Furthermore, home healthcare services go beyond just providing medical services. Home healthcare services also ensure that elderly people, especially those living alone, have all the necessities they need.

Additionally, home healthcare services ensure patients carry out Activities of Daily Living, ensuring a good quality of life. If you have been looking to start a resilient business that cares for others, start home care business today!

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