How Can Students Fund a Start Up?

For most students, going to university is an unforgettable experience, and one which they will take with them for the rest of their lives. It is also, however, often a time of financial uncertainty and instability. This means that those students looking to run their own startup face an uphill struggle when it comes to finding funding. In today’s times, multi tasking is very common.

How to Fund A Startup for Students

How to Fund A Startup for Students

A student can easily focus at his studies along with giving proper attention to its dream start-up. Since, it is tough for a student to manage the entire capital on his own, therefore, they need ways to get fund to turn their business idea into reality. Luckily, there are actually plenty of ways to fund a startup whilst at university (or just after graduating).

Yes, now you don’t have to wait for years to setup your own company. Generally, the university graduates work at private start-ups to collect some experience, knowledge and capital to launch their own start up. Most of us loose our hopes with every passing day and then finally give up the idea of our own company.

But, things have changed; now even students can think about transforming their creative ideas into professional businesses. Here is a short list of funds that a student can use to fund his or her start up.

1) Loans 

From centuries, businesses and trade have been running on loans so one of the most common ways to acquire the necessary money to run a business is to apply for a loan. Many people think that banks are the only option, but this is not the case as there are plenty of other loan providers out there (and banks are reluctant to lend to risky startup ventures nowadays anyway).

Many private loan granting institution are available everywhere to help the fresh minds in setting up their businesses. The lenders like Smart Pig are geared towards students, and provide handy short term loans which can be useful to those who are thinking about setting up their own business.

It is important to always read the repayment terms of any lender, and to be sure that a repayment plan is factored into the overarching business plan. Generally, these plans are offered at a low rate of interest with an aim to promote self employment. Many students might hesitate a little before applying for a loan but the procedures and terms are generally simple and straight.

2) Grants and Schemes

Grants and Schemes

One of the most effective options which students setting up a business should consider is getting a grant, which gives them access to a potentially substantial amount of money which never needs to be paid back. Once again, there are plenty of providers of grants, one of the main ones being the government. Government launch several schemes for the unemployed. The main purpose of such schemes is to provide grants to increase self employment opportunities.

Many universities also have schemes which offer advice and support to students looking to start their own business, as well as grants to help with funding, so it is well worth looking at the resources on offer. A student can take benefit from such schemes and grants as this will help him or her in getting the initial investment for their start up.

3) Bootstrapping 

Perhaps one of the riskier methods of funding a start up, bootstrapping involves running a business using the profits made from the business itself, and little or no start up cash. It is an option for those with a low cost business, and means that all business resources must be used wisely and stretched as far as they can go.

This method requires efficient management and proper skills. It is worth noting that only those who are supremely confident in their business plan or model should consider this method, as it can be challenging to start a business with little or no funding.

So, these are the most commonly used funds by students to setup their own Start ups. There are many other funding options out there for students looking to create their own startup venture. For this, research is a necessity to come with a comprehensive business plan to maximise chances of success.

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