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How Do Advertisers Benefit From Header Bidding

Header bidding, also called pre-bidding or advance bidding, is a progressive programming technique wherein the publishers present their inventory to numerous ad-exchanges before contacting their ad servers.

Header Bidding

One of the most incredible benefits of advance bidding is that it grants the advertiser to make the inventory accessible to numerous demand partners simultaneously. This process is more likely known as real-time bidding, where every impression is sold to someone who proposed the highest bid.

What are the significant benefits of pre-bidding for the advertisers and publishers?

Pre-bidding / Advance bidding has become one of the trendiest topics in programmatic video advertising. As multiple platforms have started developing the solutions of advanced bidding, programmatic buyers and publishers are instantly introducing themselves with the features of this technology and learning how it works. Below are described some fantastic benefits of header bidding.

Elevated choice of demand

Advance bidding helps advertisers blend with assorted demand partners and SSPs conveniently and more quickly. It gives the benefit of a high selection of demand and also increases the range availability.

Improved bid transparency

Advance bidding offers bid transparency to reveal how many impressions are actually worth. It helps the advertisers in selling their inventory on a per-impression basis. This way, it provides more control and improves bid transparency for its better optimization and reporting.

Exterminate ‘passback’

Pre-bidding exterminates the requirement of pushing inventory back and forward, which indeed happens in a waterfall where there is no bid and is entirely ineffective.

Increase in revenue

As pre-bidding allows multiple bidders to bid on the same inventory synchronously, advertising can easily enhance their revenues.

Significantly, advance bidding allows the advertisers to sell their inventory to those who have proposed the highest bid. It also benefits the advertisers by offering complete visibility and the chance to win each impression.

Accessible to premium inventory

With the start of the pre-bidding technique, advertisers get access to every bid, which was not possible before the start of the pre-bid concept.

Before this concept, advertisers used to sell their superior inventories via the private marketplace. It is the main reason that low-bid inventories were available in the open marketplace. With the evolution of advanced bidding, advertisers have a complete view of all the available stocks to bid and secure their ad positioning.

Improved ad-targeting and reach

Due to the arrival of this latest bidding technology, advertisers can look at all types of inventory that also provide the demographics and the number of impressions of the website visitors. The data acquired from this helps the advertisers make better business strategies and target better traffic quality to the website.

This bidding technique has also become a blessing for the buyers as they can reach their desired audience at scale. The buyers also have access to more inventory by looking at the publisher’s entire inventory stock. This technique also provides an opportunity for forecasting better campaigns and media planners.

Qualities of Header Bidding Technique.

  • The technique can offer the advertisers the option to select automatic demand partners as per their most important requirements.
  • Pre-bidding helps in planning better timeout management.
  • Pre-bidding is flexible enough to bring more demand.
  • It offers bid discrepancy and better monitoring solutions.

Bottom line

Advance bidding is one of the latest and better methods of buying programming ads. It helps the advertisers produce their inventory to various ad exchanges before requesting ad servers.

This technique is actually opposite to the waterfall model that can strip advertisers of premium inventory. However, you may need to rely on experts to make the most of this strategy in your advertising plans.

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