How Much Money Should You Put Into A Slot Machine

Before you go to a casino, it’s always smart to budget beforehand, considering that you are here trying to figure out what you should put on the slot machine, which means you are on the right track. In this article, we’ll go through how much money you should put into a slot machine.

How Much Money Should You Put Into A Slot Machine

Factors to note

A decent rule of thumb is to take into account three criteria when determining how much money you will spend on slots.

RTP Or Slot Volatility

Knowing a game’s volatility and RTP rate is beneficial while playing slots at casinos like Yukon Gold Casino or online.

Volatility is a measure of the risk involved in the game; low volatile slots tend to have many winning opportunities but fewer rewards and high volatility slots have few winning opportunities but huge payouts.

An additional factor to take into account is a slot’s RTP, which measures the advantage players have over the house.

Cost per Hour Bet

Try noting down the amount you are earning from the machine and the amount you’re putting in and calculate how much it costs based on every hour.

Write down how much credit you used over that period and multiply it by 50% to get the optimal quantity to play your preferred game with. Long-time patrons who can provide you with information on how much it costs to play actual slot machines.


Have a goal in mind as to how much you would like to make and how much would be enough for you to move on and leave with your winnings; having a goal helps you not to lose money out of greed.

Here are some tips you could use

The key is to figure out how to maximize your slot money once you’ve established your budget. Here are a few tips so you may enjoy your time at the casino to the fullest.

Put Money that you win aside

Imagine you win an amount, and you have this idea in your mind that you might use this one and somehow double it by winning again.

It’s unlikely, as slot machines are made for you to fall into the trap of assuming that you’ll start a streak, but in reality, you won’t.

Take advantage of free slots

Free online slots are the best option if all you want to do is pass the time or play your favorite game as much as you can. They are available on almost all online gaming sites and review websites.

Free games might not provide the same level of excitement as real money slots, but they might keep you occupied for just long enough to get through a wait or let you keep your wins.

Set profit and loss

Set a profit and loss ratio that resonates with you and your budget, and then stay in that ratio and take your wins and do not try to beat the system.


Now that you are aware of the tips and tricks needed to win at a slot machine and how to budget and what to put in them, I hope that you enjoy your time and win big, but if you don’t, do not fret, try having fun playing those games.

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