Why It’s Time For Your Business To Properly Invest Into SEO

Your company likely has some sort of a budget for digital marketing campaigns, but often SEO gets overlooked and either isn’t done at all or is done in a mediocre way with failed results.

We are now in 2019 and every company, no matter what size, needs to allocate capital into SEO to get that succulent organic traffic from Google and other major search engines.

Properly Invest Into SEO

Below are five reasons why we, Caseo, believe that your company can attract more traffic and gain more customers through a focused SEO strategy.

1] Superb Return On Investment

It will take a few months to start seeing results and a year or more to see significant gains on your KPI’s, but once the momentum from SEO gets going, it really starts to pay dividends. Recent reports suggest that over 40% of website’s revenue comes from organic traffic, and so your company needs to invest in SEO to get that valuable traffic to your optimized landing pages.

If your company has a long-term view when it comes to your SEO strategy, it allocates a proper budget early on and scales it up over time, and it has a quality and trustworthy partner on board to execute on the strategy, then the results will surely come. SEO ROI has been proven to be more than 5x better than paid search ads.

2] More Than Half Of Website Traffic Is Organic Traffic

We have always known that organic traffic was very important to a website’s survival, and in fact, 51% of all traffic is from organic search – 10% is from paid search, 5% from social media and the other 34% is from other sources combined. There are over 6 billion searches done per day now and your company needs to get its fair share of that organic traffic via SEO efforts.

Organic SEO Traffic

3] Searchers Trust Search Engine Rankings and Links

When we do a search for something, whether it be on Google or elsewhere, we tend to trust the websites that show up on the first page or two and click to visit those websites to get what we want.

When your company demonstrates to the major search engines that it has niche content that is useful to their search users, then they will reward your company’s website with targeted traffic.

4] SEO Campaigns Can Be Measured and Managed

Your company can get a great amount of data from Google Analytics and other analytics products to understand where your traffic is coming from, what search terms are performing best based on various criteria, and tons of other valuable data that can be traced back to SEO efforts.

Your company’s SEO campaign can be optimized, tweaked and changed along the way based on analytical data to ensure its ongoing success.

5] SEO Provides Results Even When Your Budget Dries Up

When your company buys online ads you see results when those campaigns run, but once they are over then the traffic ends too. If your company decides to stop investing in SEO for whatever reason, the website traffic keeps coming in for years after thanks to the foundation that was built.

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  • Hey! Nice article, I agree with you that searchers mostly do not click the ads but trust the ranking factors. It takes time to do SEO but the results from SEO are mind-blowing as compared to paid ads. Business Should invest some time on SEO whether it is a big firm or small size firm.

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