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How to Become an Instagram Influencer & Make Money

Building a robust Instagram following is not only a fun way to get feedback on your latest outfits. It’s now a lucrative way to earn your own money by leveraging your influence.

Brands are expected to spend upwards of $10 billion in the next five years, so if you are able to build a strong brand (easier said than done), it isn’t just fun– it’s an income.

Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Instagram Influencer

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Below, find a few tips to get started.

1] Stand Out

You need to speak to one specific interest, and create a community around that topic. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s better to go niche than broad: you aren’t trying to appeal to as many people as possible; you’re trying to build a deeply engaged audience that trusts and seeks your opinion. That’s what makes brands interested in working with an influencer.

Some of the most profitable niches include health and fitness, beauty, travel, business, and fashion. Develop your own style within this niche so that you aren’t trying to reach an oversaturated market.

2] Create High Quality Posts

That may seem obvious, but it is a golden rule to stick to.

People are scrolling through fast, and a blurry selfie or a dimly lit food picture won’t necessarily make someone pause. What you want it something that is framed and shot in a clear, aesthetically pleasing way.

You also want that aesthetic to be consistent. Find a design that works for you. Having a cohesive feed will help your audience to know what to expect at a glance. It’ll also keep people on your feed longer, as they’ll feel compelled to scroll and like more photos.

Invest in a decent smartphone or even DSLR camera, and keep in mind the rules of composition, lighting, and focus. Don’t forget captions either– you want to educate, inspire, or entertain.

3] Stick to a Schedule

This isn’t only because you’ll be letting your followers know what to expect. This is also because Instagram’s algorithm rewards accounts that post consistently, pushing those constant users higher in the newsfeed.

Stick to a Schedule

Whether it’s every day or multiple times a day, you want to take an hour out of your day to plan your content for the week, thinking over captions and hashtags. There are many easy-to-use social media management tools that can streamline this process for you, and can even recommend content to post based on monitored hashtags.

4] Engage With Your Audience!

Don’t just post a photo and bounce. Pose a question, then reply to comments and DMs, engaging with other accounts. This creates a sense of community and will earn you more dedicated followers.

Again, the algorithm rewards content that receives replies and comments, so be straightforward and ask for feedback! Post a poll, ask for an opinion, and tag other users to get them involved. On that note.

5] Network with Other Influencers

Collaborating with other people will make it easier and faster to grow an account. You’ll also be able to network within your niche and come across new opportunities. Go through relevant hashtags and find similar accounts.

Treat them as potential teammates, not competitors: there’s no reason an audience can’t be fans of you both, and in fact, seeing you interact will make them feel more involved as well. Start a conversation– you could even end up meeting and working together in real life!

6] Start Reaching Out to Brands!

Don’t be scared to pitch even if you’re a small account. If you have an engaged following, and you’re appealing to the brand’s target audience, you have a shot. The key is to craft an effective pitch, with details about what you can offer them. It will feel awkward at first, but persistence will pay off. After all, the worst they can say is no!

Begin with these steps and you’ll be well on your way. Just remember that it’s always a gamble, because a lot of people are eager to break into the influencer business. But there’s little risk, here, so why not give it a shot?

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