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How to Measure SEO Performance for Organic Growth?

A business shall invariably require the use of SEO services and other digital marketing services if they are to maximize their profits in today’s age.

Whether you run an eCommerce business or simply have an interactive digital presence, you can multiply your leads faster by effectively using the services and tools which is possible only when you periodically measure SEO performance.

How to Measure SEO Performance

Targeting the large consumer base found online can help your brand or company grow their reach, increase their prestige, and gain several other benefits. Thus, to reap these benefits, the following are the ways by which you can properly explore your SEO metrics to develop new strategies and to make better decisions.

Measure SEO Performance for Success Strategy

Developing a successful progress strategy requires careful planning after determining the data at hand which can be obtained from SEO metrics. Hence, to form a new approach or to continue the lucratively functional model of your online business, you should keep an eye on the following metrics to measure SEO performance.

Organic Traffic

Your website will receive organic traffic when you employ SEO strategies and determining which landing page works well or poorly can truly make a difference.

The poorly performing pages of your site in terms of audience visits can show you the area where you need to improve which also includes another thing that must be noticed is the location of your visitors.

Your visitors might come from a different country than the targeted country which is also a reason why you must crossmatch organic location data to invite more visitors to become paying clients than targeting countries of people who merely visit.

Organic Conversion Rate

Conversion is the ultimate aim of building an online presence and for employing digital marketing services. When you measure SEO performance of your conversion rate, you should observe if certain pages attract more visitors and their location.

Comparatively, poorly performing pages translate to a lack of optimization on the respective page which when fixed could aid in boosting the conversion rate.

Organic Bounce Rate

When a visitor browses more than one page of your website, only then it is registered as interaction by search engines whereas the number of times your total visitors leave after visiting the landing page, it is counted to be the bounce rate.

To reduce the bounce rate you can improve the elements on your page as well as provide easy directions for the visitors to navigate. The bounce rates can be classified based on gender, location, and other variables for comparison sake to that of the industry’s standard figures, to learn about changes you should incorporate in your SEO tactics.

Domain Authority

Quality content helps your site become a trusted brand among your target audience and it can be effectively delivered through smart content marketing. The more you offer your audience impactful and free material that solves their needs is the more that your site grows in value with increased traffic and reliable leads.

While this practice develops, you can track the domain authority of your website through various services and tools that measure SEO performance which then can help you create strategies to better retain website traffic with greater conversion rates.


When other sites validate the potential of the content on your website to be valuable, you have a properly functioning backlink network which basically tells search engines that your website can meet the needs of the users better. But you should be careful not to have shady sites backlink to you as it decreases the credibility of your site.

To prevent your site from getting de-indexed by search engines, measure SEO performance of your site frequently to eradicate shady links so you can trustworthiness of your website among the audience.


Whenever a user clicks on your website after it is displayed on the search engine, the click-through-rate(CTR) of your site grows which further depicts before the search engines that your website is valuable to the users.

Access and measure SEO performance of your site by also checking the CTR of your site to execute new strategies such as better use of keywords to increase the traffic as well as the conversion rate.


When all of the above changes don’t improve the performance of your website, you then need to reconsider the use of keywords in the content of your website. Correct use of keywords will not only improve the overall ranking of your website but it will also improve the quality of content as well as help with backlinking reputably.

Final Words

Following these guidelines to measure SEO performance will enormously benefit you when you execute them brilliantly. No matter the type of business you run, these practices will improve the traffic and conversions while keeping the bounce rates minimal at max.

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