How to Sell Your Junk Car?

Buying your own car is an achievement for most people. However, more often than not, with time, there are advancements being made in the field of automobiles too. What once was the latest model yesterday becomes outdated in a few years.

How To Sell Your Junk Car

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This often causes a shift in people’s perspective too. They want to change their old car for a new one. However, this causes a problem – what to do with the earlier one? Some might opt to keep the old one for sentimental reasons, while others may exchange it for the latest model of another car.

If you choose to exercise the latter option, you might save quite a lot of money on your new purchase. You can also choose to sell your old car on any of the online platforms available for the same.

If, however, you decide to keep your old car while continue using your new one, the former will soon end up being a piece of high maintenance junk that will be difficult to dispose of.

If you wish to sell your junk car, here are a few pointers to help you understand how to go ahead with the process.

Where to Sell Junk Cars?

Before going any further, it is important to understand what a junk car is. A car which is no longer in use, is not really attracting any clients, has had its run and may probably have reached the end of its life is considered junk.

In some places, a time frame from date of manufacture decides when a car can no longer function/used for drive as it is a plausible environmental concern; in others, this is determined by weather conditions (rusting is more frequent in places with excessive humidity).

Where to Sell Junk Cars?

If some serious damage has occurred to the vehicle, some parts are missing, or has been stationary i.e. not in use for a long time, it may be rendered inoperable and therefore qualify as junk.

Having a junk car on your hand is a problem. Not only are you losing out on space but also time and money. Even though it is junk, it requires paperwork in order as well as cleaning once in a while.

Selling it will not only clean your yard of clutter but also provide you with some money for other important tasks at hand. Junk cars can be sold to junkyards or you could try to sell it online on sites like Junk Car Medics.

However, it is seen that junkyards or junk car dealers are the best bet if you wish to get quick and good cash in your hands.

How to Estimate Price of Junk Car?

More often than not people are unable to get an estimate of what their junk car is worth. To make things easy, it is important to understand how junkyards make money of such cars. The junk cars bought are scrapped and individual working parts are sold separately.

The body of the vehicle is used for its steel. Mining of steel can be costly as well stress the environment. Steel is extremely durable and can be recycled to be used for making new products. To get an estimate for your car, find out the price of steel.

If your car’s parts are not broken, they can be sold separately, thereby earning much more. Negotiate a higher price for good quality parts in your used car. The weight of the car gives an idea about the scrap metal in it. Check the rate of scrap metal to get an idea of your car’s worth.

How to Proceed with Junk Car Sale?

If you’ve finally decided to let go of your junk car, you need to find a good buyer so that you get a sweet deal while selling it. You can sale your junk car instantly for cash at It is therefore important to understand who will make money buying used and junk cars.

How to Proceed with Junk Car Sale

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Apart from craigslist, the choice is narrowed between junk car buyers and junkyards. Find a genuine junk car buying service. Junkyards exist and so do junk car buyers as there is money in the business.

Just be wary of unscrupulous deals; get proper paperwork done, check for junkyard paperwork; get exact pricing for your vehicle including towing.

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