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The Right Leggings Measurements For Every Body Type

Leggings are one of the best outfit choices for fitness out there. It’s one of the few clothing trends recently that had an upsurge in popularity. It is a rising fashion line that has proven itself versatile, comfortable, and beautiful in its simplicity.

Because of these qualities, many online clothing shops and brands are selling wholesale leggings for women. In addition, many celebrities and fashion trendsetters are now embracing the simple convenience and beauty of leggings. So it’s not surprising that leggings have become a global phenomenon.

Leggings Measurements

Everyone wants a handy pair of leggings. However, a lot of us have yet to find the perfect fit. We just don’t know what sizes to look for sometimes, and this is a hassle that has been regrettably widespread all over the world.

But don’t worry, we got you covered because here, we’ll show you the proper leggings measurements for different body types.

The Right Legging Measurements For Different Body Types

Everyone has a unique body with its distinct beauty and imperfection. That’s why the list of all the different body types can be quite long because there’s just so much variety in each one of our bodies.

We all have highly varying heights and weight, so in consideration of that, we’ve narrowed it down to three general weight classes: petite, athletic, and curvy. All of our bodies can fit in these descriptions. Find your place in these three different body types and know the correct numbers to look for in your leggings!



If your body belongs to the petite category, then your leggings probably bunch up at your ankles, and knee-length leggings are most likely an awful choice for you, too (since it makes you look even shorter).

This body type also has a little trouble bringing out the curves. You will have to go the extra miles to show those proportions at their peak potential. These are vexing issues that need fixing, now see what are the best measurements for your body type and settle this.

Size In Inches


Size In Centimeters

92 cm69 cm54-74 cm67-80 cm


We recommend 7/8th length leggings for you because they would reach the sweet spot for your body type. It’s neither too long nor too short – it brings out your height and proportions in all their glory.

As for colors and prints, don’t hold yourself back and go wild! Although monochromatic colors can be the petite’s best friends, this particular body type has an effortless harmony with many different colors and patterns.

Take stripes, for example. Once you know how to use them effectively, they can drastically make you look taller, and there are more patterns out there that can give magical effects on your overall appearance. You should explore and try out a wide variety of designs when you have the chance.



You will need the proper measurements to bring the curves to light if you have an athletic body. Your body type has all the proportions it needs to snatch a few gazes, like those slim and toned legs.

All it needs are suitable leggings to accompany them, and it will feel like a spotlight is following you all the time. Now without further ado, let’s see what numbers you should look for.

Size In Inches


Size In Centimeters

93 cm70 cm58-84 cm73-92 cm


Bold proportions require bold choices to shine in a crowd truly. Firstly, avoid tight waistbands because those will draw attention to your hips. Instead, we suggest you opt for mid-rise leggings that tightly grip right below your belly button to highlight those curves.

Capri-length leggings will work like magic for you as well. It makes your legs appear a lot more proportional to your body.

If you are into intense workouts and fitness regimens, moisture-wicking leggings will be the perfect choice for you because of their quick-drying properties.



This body type packs many attractive curves that can stand out once matched with suitable leggings. Having the proper measurements on this one is crucial because of their entire thigh and buttocks, which can easily lead to nasty peek-a-boo incidents. But don’t worry, we have your back. Here are the specific inches and centimeters you should look for:

Size In Inches


Size In Centimeters

96 cm71 cm65-92 cm76-102 cm


The trick with this body type is to hide belly fat and bring out those hips. To do that effectively, you can opt for high-rise solid-colored ankle-length leggings. These particular leggings give you compression to keep the tummy looking taut so you can have that beautiful and shapely silhouette.

You can also go for leggings with mesh details, don’t go for loud prints that put attention on your mid-section. Keep it straightforward with monochromatic colors like black (they hide shadows a little better and hide the slabs of fat you don’t like).

Once you’ve plucked up a little courage, you can go and try out different colors. You can even add a few patterns now and then (keep the design on top or the bottom, don’t go for both).

It’s all about strategic contrast – hide the fat, accentuate the curves. That’s the key to the curvy game.


Leggings have been rising this past decade. It’s easy to understand why when activewear is marketed as an instant slimming trick for everyone. It has been growing exponentially, and it won’t be a surprise if the phenomenal growth reaches you as well.

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