How to Streamline Aspects of Your Online Business

If you’re searching for ways to make your online business easier to manage in the new year, streamlining certain aspects is a great way to start. The more tasks you are able to automate using software solutions, the less time you’ll have to spend working on it.

Streamline Aspects of Your Online Business

The most menial and repetitive tasks can be the most time consuming and vital to your success, so eliminating them from your to do list can help you feel more enthusiastic about managing your site.

It also leaves you free time to innovate new ways to improve the business or pursue your newest business idea without having to worry about your existing online business every day.

Here are several ways you can use technology to streamline and automate the most time consuming aspects of your online business:

1] Use a Social Media Management Platform

If many of your new customers come in to your website via social media, or if you use a social media marketplace to sell your products, posting to the various platforms each day is likely to take up a lot of time.

Using a social media management tool makes it easier for you to share one post to several different sites at once, saving you time each day. You can customize hashtags, posting times and other important parts of the message for each channel.

2] Implement a Content Management System

Using a CMS to manage your website instead of having to code new pages or pay a web designer every time you want to make a change is a great way to cut your operating costs and the time you spend on content management.

content management system (CMS)

Using a content management system doesn’t just make it easy to post new content and modify website pages, it also allows you to analyze which pieces are connecting with customers.

3] Implement an Editorial Calendar

Whether you write all of the new content pieces you add to the site or work with a team of writers to produce the blogs and pages you need, setting up an editorial calendar will greatly cut down on the amount of work needed.

Having ideas for new content already laid out makes it easier to sit down and write or assign the idea out to a writer. Add due dates and any notes to the calendar to cut down on any emails back and forth.

With all of the ideas laid out, it can be much easier to see any important topics you are missing or content pieces that need to be produced soon.

4] Make It Easy for Users to Donate

If your online business thrives on getting donations from users and fans, make it as easy as possible for them to give and for your business to receive. Installing a donation software on your site is a good way to eliminate much of the work involved in getting donations.

With a widget installed on your site, you can accept multiple forms of payment, which makes it easier for users to give you money. You can even allow them to set up recurring monthly donations to your site which helps you cover operating costs.

Having a successful online business requires you to adapt and find ways to continue selling without having to spend all your free time managing the process. Time is one of the most precious resources for an aspiring entrepreneur, and certainly the hardest to come by.

Through automating the processes that are central to your online business, you can make this a source of passive income that requires little management from you daily but continues to perform just as well as before.

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