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How To Increase Blog Traffic With Subtle Techniques Professionals Use

There are so many different ways in which blog traffic can be increased but most of the advice you will find on the internet is either outdated or cannot actually help you. It is important to try different things but professionals always tend to use some techniques more than others.

Killer Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you are interested in increasing blog traffic, the following subtle techniques mentioned by Johnnreviews definitely need to be considered.

1) Work On Your Headlines

The headline is the most important part of the article when you want to increase search traffic. This is because it is what people see as they search for keywords. Obviously, you will want to use the appropriate keywords inside the headline but if it is not catchy, traffic is lower than it could be.

You want to basically consider the top media outlets like Digg or BuzzFeed. What do they all have in common? Absolutely all headlines are attractive.

If you want to make a highly competitive headline, consider:

  • Keep titles as short as possible while being as to the point as possible.
  • Use specific data and numbers in headlines.
  • Use unique rationales.
  • Ask questions.
  • Use emotional adjectives.

2) Use Quora

If your blog is about a specific niche or industry, it is a really good idea to use Quora as the site gets over 200 million visitors every month. The best thing about it is that all traffic you get is highly targeted. At the same time, you can use the site in order to do keyword research and get ideas about what people actually want to know.

In any good blogging for beginners guide out there you are told that you need to write articles that answer questions people have. Quora helps you to do exactly that.

3) Guest Blogging

Professionals actually mastered guest blogging and use it for much more than just increasing search engine rankings. They will get much traffic because they get articles published on highly related and highly authoritative resources. Your goal should be to publish around 3 or 4 guest posts every single month.

Guest Blogging

Try to outreach people of the highest possible authority with very good traffic on their sites. Ask about the possibility to submit a guest post and the requirements that need to be respected. You will be surprised to notice that even the best blogs in your industry accept guest posts if some specific criteria is met.

4) Internal Linking

Many bloggers do not realize this but internal linking is incredibly important for increasing site traffic. When you have great content you need to add links from one of the posts to others that are related. The links are helpful as they will lead people to other parts of your site.

Visitors stay more on the blog so Google sees this as a sign of high authority. More traffic appears on the site simply because you get higher rankings in search engines. Never neglect the importance of internal linking.


These techniques are very subtle but they do help you out a lot since traffic to your blog is increased. Obviously, many other things can be done. Always be on the lookout for what you can do to increase website traffic.

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