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Unique Instagram Username Ideas for Girls & Boys

Social networking has caught up the imagination of the new generation like anything. Being constantly in touch with not just your family and friends all over the world, these platforms also provide a unique opportunity for celebrities to interact with their fan following.

Cool Instagram Username Ideas

Many celebs allow their fans a sneak peek into their lives through numerous social media accounts.

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing app that is available for various mobile platforms like Android, Apple iOS and Windows.

People have the freedom to upload and share their photos and videos with their friends and/or followers. People can view, like and comment on Instagram posts that are shared by their friends. Joining Instagram is extremely easy. Anyone above the age of 13 can create an account; all you need is an email address and a username.

Instagram – The Different Social Network

Since people have taken up photography with mobiles like anything, mobile companies too have developed phones with amazing cameras. With social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter creating a storm, Instagram is not left behind. You can share your photos, videos on your Insta account as well as see posts from users whom you follow.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram lays emphasis on visual sharing using mobile, you can interact with other users, like and comment on shared images as well as indulge in sending a private message. Since it is majorly a photo and video sharing site, the emphasis is on selecting and posting the best of either or both.

Option for editing and tweaking photo is also available. No wonder a lot of people have taken it up vigorously, so much that some people have emerged as Instagram stars with a huge fan following.

What makes Instagram Popular?

Appealing to people’s taste has made Instagram a huge success. With a large number of followers and the number rising every minute, here’s looking at what makes this social media site popular.

  • A user-friendly app with an interactive interface, Instagram is subtle, simple and extremely appealing.
  • If you are feeling down and low and are looking for an instant dose of popularity, Instagram is the perfect app for you. It is a platform that has provided us with talent in terms of photography, blogging, writers, stylists, artists etc.
  • The perfect marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact over creative pieces of work. Post instantly and get interested buyers quicker than anywhere!
  • An amazing array of filters to make your photographs WOW from ordinary. No other app has so many filters to edit your photo that everyone seems a professional photographer.
  • Crisp captions have become popular thanks to the hashtag of Instagram. It has made hashtag popular and how!
  • For those of us lacking attention in normal life, Instagram has filled that gap. The desire to get attention from people has been fulfilled by posting selfies on this platform.
  • You can post, like and interact with people via photographs. This app provides the best of both worlds – social media and photography

Tips to Get a Unique Instagram Username

Instagram has made a star of many relatively unknown people. Celebrities enjoy a huge fan following on social media sites especially on Instagram. Each and every photograph of theirs is liked, shared and commented on by millions of followers.

People often wish to follow in the footsteps of their idols. If you too wish to have a huge fan following, want your photographs to be liked and shared by a number of people, you need to start smartly.

Cool and Cute Instagram Names

The first and foremost thing to gain popularity on a social media site like Instagram is to have a unique username; one that is bound to generate curiosity and grab eyeballs simultaneously.

For first time users, it is extremely important to create a good 1st impression; for those who wish to change their Instagram handle, it is a chance to reinvent yourself. The right name tries to express your personality as well as creates a context regarding your content. Using the following tips, you can choose a username which is something unique or simple yet catchy:

Context is extremely important

Whether the account is for posting personal photos, for feeding public curiosity or for business purpose.

Choose correct elements

For personal accounts you can use your name or other personal information, for a public account to be shared with friends, a secret joke or cool nickname works, while for business purposes, try incorporating details like name, location and type of business in the username.

Mixing up works

Once you have chosen your elements, mix them up to form a cool username. However, avoid sharing personal info like phone number or address.

Check availability

The Instagram availability tool lets you check whether the username you have generated for yourself is available or not. You can try various combinations, ask friends for suggestions to select one; what’s more, you can even edit it later if you have a better idea.

Avoid at all costs

Using underscore in your username (difficult to find, hard to remember), making long usernames (difficult to remember and type), copying someone else’s username and tweaking it just a bit (not flattering and often confusing)

Good Instagram Username Ideas

A number of names generating websites can help you come up with a unique and funky username that is bound to generate a lot of fan following. Generally, it is observed that boys would love to show some swag and flaunt style.

Something on the lines of Gamer, Racer, Swag, Captain, Lover, Tiger, and Boss comes to the mind while thinking of a cool name for guys. For girls, cute is always in so Honey, Baby, Glory, Princess, Cute, and Naughty can be used easily apart from names of flowers.

You could incorporate personality traits like attitude (lazy, control freak, angry, serious, tricky, mental and distracted) or, use classy names, or show your love for music or sports through your Instagram username.

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