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Is Public Relations the Right Career for You?

Public relation is a career full of excitement and new challenges. You can explore different avenues and gain a lot of experience to progress in your professional life.

Working in or with a public relations company can open you to new experiences. However, PR is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it needs skills, dedication, and hard work.

Public Relations As A Career

So, how do you find out if PR is the right choice in which you can build a career? Let’s find out about all the skills you need to have which will help you make a solid career in public relations. Before that, let’s take a quick look at the responsibilities of a public relations specialist.

What Does a Public Relations Specialist Do?

The basic responsibility of the PR specialist is to ensure that the company’s objectives are efficiently delivered to the different audiences. They maintain a strong relationship with all the stakeholders of the company, such as clients, the public, investors, government agencies, media outlets, etc.

They create and execute strategies to deliver accurate information to the stakeholders.In addition to that, they work on enhancing the company’s image by increasing brand awareness and brand recognition.

One of the fundamental components of PR is media relations. The media relations team focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships with the people in digital media. They can use these channels for two things:

  • Shape the public views about the brand.
  • Quickly and efficiently deliver a message in a situation of crisis.

All of these duties require particular skills that an individual needs to have. Let’s move on to the skills necessary for becoming a good PR specialist.

Skills Necessary to Become a Perfect Fit for PR

While having a degree is vital for entering the public relations field, you must have a certain skill set to progress in your career.

If you don’t have these skills, then don’t worry. You can develop them over time as you become more familiar with the requirements of your job. Here are some of the abilities that you should have.

Problem Solving Skills

Becoming a PR specialist means dealing with a lot of situations that need immediate solutions. In case of a crisis, the PR team has to think on its feet and come up with quick solutions. It also means handling the pressure while keeping your nerves calm.

So, if you can keep your nerves calm and have problem-solving capabilities, PR is the right choice for you.

Communication Skills

When we talk about public relations, it is all about efficiently and accurately delivering the correct message. Also, you will be dealing with different audiences at different times. Therefore, having good communications skills is imperative.

It will be beneficial if you are a master in engaging people and building relationships with other people. Communication skills help you to collaborate with external teams or organizations as well as with the different departments of the company as well.

Writing Skills

A flair in writing means that you are the perfect for PR. Companies often have to give press releases about the relevant changes happening in the company. With your exceptional writing skills, you can deliver an engaging press release.

It will help you grab the eyes of the media outlets who will be broadcasting it. And not just that, you can also write intriguing social media posts. You can also do blogging for the company and become a storyteller for your company or clients.


Leveraging new technologies and techniques can give businesses a competitive edge. With new marketing tools coming in, it is vital to make use of them before it is widely available. As a result, you can take advantage of new tools and incorporate them into your PR strategies.

That is why having skills of understanding and adopting new technology can make you the right choice for PR. Being tech-savvy helps you to yield fruitful results throughout your career.

Event Management and Planning Skills

The PR team has a crucial role in event management and planning to make an event successful. Although event management does not completely fall in the purview of public relations, there are a few aspects that public relations handle. One of them is handling the coverage of the event.

Businesses aim to reap some benefits or attain some objectives through an event. They need the PR team to use their relations with the media outlets for the coverage of the entire event. Apart from that, using social media platforms to create a buzz about the event is also the responsibility of the PR team.

So, if you are capable of planning and managing any events, you are more than welcome in the field of public relations.

Organizations That Hire PR Specialists

PR specialists work for many companies in different industries. Many companies have a public relations department, while others outsource it to agencies. Some of the top employers of PR specialists are.

  • Creative organizations.
  • Sports team.
  • Media communication companies.
  • Political or government organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Public relation companies.

These employers test the skills of the potential candidates mentioned in the above section. They can also look at the educational qualifications as well.

Usually, a bachelor’s degree is more than enough to land you a good job. But, if you want to progress in your career, you can always go for a master’s degree.

Final Takeaway

Opting to make a career in public relations requires proper planning. With the right skills and capabilities, you can cash on to the opportunities available in the field of PR.

As businesses are rapidly switching towards the online world, public relations will be playing a crucial role. Dealing with audiences and crisis management will necessitate businesses to invest in personnel resources.

Even for small businesses, having a small PR team is imperative as there can be situations that need handling by PR specialists. And if you plan on working for a PR company, you will embark on new challenges quite often. As a result, you will not get bored by the same corporate routine and not get stuck in the rat race.

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