Know About the Newly Launched Eufy Genie Smart Speaker

The Alexa controlled smart speaker is one of a kind and a gadget. The Eufy genie is an alternative produced by Amazon in the alternative to the echo dot.

Eufy Genie Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa and Voice Control

Eufy Genie Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa

The Eufy genie has a small footprint and is slightly higher than the Echo dot. It is an echo powered device and really expensive.

Made by Anker it is a slightly bigger than the echo dot. The product price is ₹3,999 but you can avail a discount to 10% by using the Amazon coupons.

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1] Highlights of the device:

  • Eufy genie is an Alexa enabled smart device that has not been made by Amazon! It is made and manufactured by Anker.
  • The coolest thing about these is you can even order your food and other products with this device.
    It has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connected network, with no Bluetooth and room-filling sound. Also It supports amazing music quality from Amazon music and saavn.
  • It requires a smartphone or tablet with Android 4 and above or an iOS 8.0 to operate.
  • New features are updated from the Alexa app to make your experience even better.
  • The device is 3.5 inches and has a beveled side’s do that the base is a bit wider than the top to increase the sound quality.
  • The device is made of matte black plastic and is none descript as the echo dot.
  • Unlike the echo dot, Eufy has only two microphones but have equal sound quality. They can hear you from a distance of 6 feet.
  • The genie does not have a Bluetooth connection to beam your music to it but can produce a great quality of sound when connected to another speaker.
  • The Eufy genie has a 360-degree voice recognition which makes orders quite easy.
  • The Eufy genie has a micro USB power port at the back and an aux output jack with no battery.
  • Eufy comes with a Eufy home app which is designed to collect and operate various Eufy products like the company’s RoboVac 11c robotic vacuum and smart lighting solutions and Genie becomes an Alexa device and does all the work and functions of an Alexa speaker.
  • The Genie can control smart home devices, play music from Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn or other supported services, set timers, answer questions and use other skills.
  • With genie, you can connect to your local wifi network and get linked to your Amazon or Pandora accounts or you simply use the Alexa pp to configure the Genie as one of your Alexa devices.

Amazon Echo Dot vs. Eufy Genie

2] Eufy Genie Vs the Echo Dot:

  • Compared to dot, the eufy genie is must cheaper device and both are Alexa compatible devices.
  • The eufy genie does not support Amazons multi-room audio feature which lets you synchronize music playback across speakers.
  • Eufy Genie cannot be used for making phone calls or for controlling Spotify via voice these features are claimed to be coming soon on the genie.
  • In more advanced house setups, all the voice controlled devices use a 5GHz Wi-Fi but the genie does not support the 5 GHZ wifi which makes it difficult to solve the connectivity problems.
  • The echo dot has a seven set microphone setup while the genie has only two. Which makes the voice commands a little difficult.
  • Bluetooth is not supported on the new genie like the echo dot devices; You have to use an audio cable for this.
  • The genie has a USB port at the bottom which can be used to connect the cable to speakers.
  • Though Eufy genie is a more affordable device most of the people tend to prefer the echo dot for its salient features. Nut in order to out the new Eufy genie which the most affordable use the new deals and offers on the Amazon website.

Eufy Genie Review (vs Echo Dot)

3] Get yourself an assistant:

The Eufy genie is the first of its kind and it is the most affordable device available online. It sounds better than any other echo device and if you are looking for a voice control device this is the best choice.

Get yourself a Eufy genie at the Amazon website at exclusive offers by using amazon coupons and amazon promo code.

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