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Top 5 Patio Furniture Recommendations

Having the ability to dine outside on a restaurant patio is one of the best ways to spend a nice evening. It’s comfortable, you get to enjoy good food, and you have the added bonus of being able to enjoy the nice weather at the same time. To make a restaurant patio great though, there are some essentials that you need.

Patio Furniture Recommendations

Making sure your patio is furnished with ‘the works’ will help you build your business and have guests coming back regularly. Here are the top 5 must-haves for your patio this summer.

Round Tables

These are great tables to have, especially for larger parties. This seating arrangement lets everyone in the party be able to see each other, allowing everyone to talk to one another. Having a round table also helps guests share food and drinks more easily, as they can just grab what they want from the middle.

Another way to enhance your round table is to add an umbrella in the middle. Round tables are also great with an umbrella. This will help protect guests from the elements and allow them to really enjoy their meal.

Outdoor Bar

Having an outdoor bar is a game-changer for a restaurant. This makes your place more appealing and usually helps increase your sales. This not only increases your sales, but also boosts your seating capacity.

Having both indoor and outdoor bar stools helps promote efficiency in your restaurant, since you’ll have twice the drink-making capabilities.

If you don’t have a bar yet but are looking at installing one, be sure to also keep an eye out for bar stools for sale. Like choosing the other chairs in your restaurant, choosing the best bar stools is crucial. You want to make sure you pick stools that are comfortable, stylish, affordable, but also durable.

Picnic Tables

This is a great option for a small family or group of friends. These tables typically seat between 4-6 guests and Eating at a picnic-style table helps foster the illusion that you’re taking a break from things and just enjoying being outside.


If you have any type of patio, having an umbrella is a must. No matter what the weather is or if you’re having a meal or just enjoying some quality time with friends, they are very useful. Too sunny? Not a problem, just open up the umbrella and shade yourself and the table. A little rainy?

No worries! The umbrella will help keep you dry. Thanks to their popularity and demand for other improvements, some patio umbrellas can even help with wind now.

Another great aspect of umbrellas is that they come in different shapes, which allows them to fit different tables. So even if you have different tables on your patio, you can always find an umbrella to match.

Outdoor Couches

Outdoor couches are rather rare, but are becoming more and more popular, for good reasons too. Having an outdoor couch gives your patio an inclusive and almost intimate feeling, without feeling romantic.

This allows groups of friends or families to come, relax and enjoy their drinks and appetizers in a fun environment. For an even better space, place your couches around an outdoor fire pit. This is great for summer and fall evenings after the sun goes down.

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