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Leased Line Providers In the UK: Offering the Best Connectivity for Your Business

Leased lines have become a de facto standard of network connection for competitive businesses. This technology delivers a reliable, secure high-speed connection that allows to solve such problems as network contention, low performance, and security issues that are associated with shared networks. Leased line providers in the UK offer solutions that best suit your needs and help your business stay at the top.

The best network solutions for competitive businesses from leased line providers in the UK

leased line providers in the UK

What is a Leased Line and Why Do I Need It?

Internet connectivity is one of the most important things to consider for both small and large businesses. Modern workplace relies heavily on network connection: you simply cannot run a business without access to the Internet, email, and other services, such as VoIP (IP telephony).

Many business owners turn to consumer Internet connection solutions, however, their capacity and reliability are not enough to fit business standards. Luckily, leased line providers in the UK can offer much better solutions.

So what’s the difference between consumer broadband connection and a leased line?

Consumer broadband uses shared connection from the point of access to the local exchange. This means that you are not the only user of the data channel, and your network performance relies on the amount of traffic from other subscribers and is subject to contention. It is also asymmetric, which means faster download speed than upload.

A leased line is a dedicated connection from your office to the local exchange. Its bandwidth is fixed and used exclusively by your company. It is a symmetric connection that delivers identical speed of upload and download.

Choosing this technology means higher speeds, better security and reliability of your network connection. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of a leased line.

The Advantages of Leased Line Providers in the UK


Consumer broadband connection relies on copper wires that have limited capacity up to 24Mbps for download. What’s more, the connection gets slower with distance: the further you are from the local exchange, the slower your ADSL speed.

A leased line uses fibre optic cables that can provide high-speed connection of 10 Gbps and up. Signals over fibre cables can travel long distances without decrease in speed. This means that downloading a 1GB file over ADSL connection will take several minutes at best against just one second over a leased line.


Reliability of leased line providers in the UK

Copper wires used in ADSL technology are susceptible to electric interference, which means lower reliability. It is a non-issue with fibre optic technology used in leased lines.

What’s more, copper wires require a lot of maintenance that can cause significant slowdowns and downtimes – again, a non-issue with leased line providers in the UK.


A lease line provides better security, since you data connection occurs between different points controlled by your business. That is, you are not sharing information on a public data network.

With all these considerations in mind, it is natural that more and more business owners are opting for a dedicated connection, making it a de facto standard for business. This means a more competitive market for leased line providers in the UK, which makes this technology more affordable than ever. 🙂

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