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5 Lighting Tips to Make Your Event Memorable

Lighting plays a significant part in calling an event a success. With the absence of proper lighting, the program would be difficult to execute. This is the reason why the lights and sounds design requires an hour or two for installation and testing.

Lighting Tips for Every Event

Considering that lighting is a professional edge, some even planners still don’t manage to get it right. It is so much more than putting a spotlight. It’s all about how all guests feel like they are under one. That’s why getting a trustworthy expert like Freeman is definitely a must to execute the timing of lighting and spotlights properly.

Allow the lighting to speak about what to expect in an event. Illuminate the area with these 5 fantastic lighting tips to make your event memorable!

1] Establish a Lighting Plan

Establish a Lighting Plan

Start your lighting design by establishing a lighting plan. This is a big help in preventing unwanted visual lighting jeopardy during the event. Prior to the event, it would be best to visit the site to give you an idea of how big the place is. It’s difficult to estimate the lights needed in a venue. You have to see for yourself for more certainty.

You have to be aware of the power points as well. This will give you an idea if the placement of lights you have in mind is possible. Visiting the venue prior to the event will give you an idea where your key and supplementary light points should be. Communicating with your client is also important.

This will help you achieve the atmosphere they want for the event. Run through the program for the lighting design to keep up with what should be the highlights.

2] Consider Using LED Lights

Consider Using LED Lights

The efficiency LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are undeniably beneficial. You get high-quality lights for your event without compromising the electricity consumed. We all know how event lighting can be expensive but with LED, consider the tables turned.

Lighting design is very productive with the best LED lights. It’s easy to use and energy efficient too. What better way of stunning your guests with a fancy lighting design than utilizing LED lights?

Consider LED lights as the best product of technological advancement. Unlike incandescent lights, they light up instantly. There’s no need to warm it up to turn on. Its flexible utilization puts no light to waste since direct lighting is possible.

For events, this is highly suggested because it comes in different colors which is remote-controlled. The colors don’t wear out even if it is daily used. Expect vibrant lighting design of up to 50,000 hours.

3] Play with Different Light Colors

Different Light Colors

Lighting design in events is all about creativity. You don’t just settle for warm or white-colored lights but different vibrant ones. LED lights have RGBW LED chips.

This allows you to play with different colors since initially, it has red, green, blue, and white-emitting LEDs. You have the ability to control the color and brightness of the light in just a click away. This is like an actual filter for photos.

Different light colors create different scenes and moods. It is very significant especially if you want the whole event video-recorded. It adds drama and effects to the event too.

On events, it is noticeable that they change lighting colors in just a second. The advancement of LED lights allows you to play and change the position of the lighting colors.

4] Lighting Art

Lighting art is all about revealing creativity using lights and colors. It is in demand especially during events to come up with an event amazingly-staged. We all know guests have expectations when it comes to food, lighting, sounds, and stage design.

We just have to find our own ways on how to keep up with their expectations. Lighting art is not rocket science. There are simple ways on how you can come up with simple but fancy lighting designs.

Make the most out of lighting design with these amazing lighting examples that will impress your guests at every turn!

1) Gobo Lighting

Gobo (lighting)


You may recognize Gobo lighting on different events. It comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. At times, they use Gobo lighting to display their logo, brand or name. It depends on the request of the client. It is a very effective lighting design considering that it allows you to play with different images.

They usually come in patterns illuminating the ceiling or the walls. This actually a fancy way for spicing up your lighting design for an event.

2) Spotlighting


Using spotlights in an event is very effective in highlighting the main event. It is usually used to light the speakers on stage accordingly. This ensures that the focus of the people is on the stage.

The lighting of the guests should be dimmed or ambient compared to the bright spotlight focused on the stage. This is an elegant edge for your lighting design to stand out. It is an effective lighting design that calls the attention of the guests to face and focus on the speaker on stage.

3) Uplighting

Uplighting is a simple but fancy way to highlight the details of the venue. It is usually placed on the floor lighting its way up to the ceiling. Unlike the spotlight and gobo lights, it doesn’t require control.

It can stay as is for the rest of the event. It would be best to use different warm and cool colors for the uplights to complement the spotlight and gobo.


In every event, there is a designer designated for the sounds, stage, lighting, and floor. They have their own corresponding responsibilities to attend to during an event. But let’s face it, lighting design is the heart of it all.

These lighting tips will convince you that lighting design isn’t rocket science. With the advancement of technology, you have the ability to play with different lighting design.

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