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How To Create A Slideshow In Simple Steps?

These days, individuals love taking pictures and making videos of special events, occasions, and parties. They also take pictures to create memories when they are traveling.

When times go by, those pictures or videos enable you to recall those good and beautiful times. Slideshows are the most innovative and creative way to combine all the videos, music, and photos you have in store.

How to Create a Photo Slideshow

How To Create A Slideshow

For that, you need a slideshow maker, and the product from Wondershare is the right one for you. The software will allow you to create a slideshow without watermark, and you can also transform a dull and boring presentation into an exciting one with no issues.

Wondershare VidAir Online Video Maker

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Maker: Steps to create a slideshow

The process of creating a slideshow through the slideshow maker from Wondershare is pretty simple and easy. You need any special skills or knowledge to get the job done. The steps of building a unique and eye-catching slideshow are listed below. Take a look!

WondershareVidAir Slideshow Maker

Register yourself on the website

The first thing you need to do is SIGN UP (SIGN UP) on the website of Wondershare VidAir to use their slideshow maker. Once you have completed the registration, you can proceed further to use it. Here are two ways you can build slideshows through VidAir.

You can create all your favorite slideshows through VidAir through the online platform. The best thing about this slideshow maker is, there is no need to pay any money as it’s completely free.

You do not need any special knowledge or skills when it comes to completing the registration or using the slideshow maker. (Here is not the VidAir, it is DVD slideshow).

Choose a template

The best thing about Wondershare VidAir is that, the slideshow builder has hundreds and thousands of templates available. This gives you the chance to choose the one that matches your requirements. You can easily navigate through the templates that are categorized into many themes.

If you want to preview these templates, all you need to do is simply hover your mouse over them. You can also click on the template to extend them and gain information. To use it, press on the Use This Template button and begin your slideshow making work.

The aspect ratio

Choosing the right resolution is crucial when it comes to creating a slideshow. The aspect ratios, which the slideshow has in store are Square (1:1), Wide (16:9), and vertical (9:16). Among the three options, you can choose the one that will suit you well with your needs.

Wondershare VidAir stands out as a smart tool but also pretty aware of the large platforms on which the video might go into. Be sure to check the aspect ratio before you do anything.

Edit and export your slideshow online

When you have already selected the template and aspect ratio, you can immediately redirect towards the editing page. The editing room is the actual place where all the magic takes place.

The whole table is immaculately set up with all the tools and features, which you can use for your slideshow. Once you have completed the editing work, it’s guaranteed that you will receive the outcomes that you wanted.

What makes Wondershare VidAir different?

There are many slideshow makers, which are currently available in the market. But all slideshow builders are not the same. Remember, an application’s features or break or make a particular tool.

This is also the case with the Wondershare VidAir. It’s pretty different and unique than the other software. But to know what makes this slideshow maker different, check the information below!

Adding Text

No matter what type of template you choose for your slideshow, each of them will carry its very own text format. You can replace the style of the text and customize it however you wish. There are two types of text formats that you will encounter, Dynamic text and Basic text.

Also, you can easily adjust the text’s duration by manually dragging it on the timeline to decide the point of time it should appear within the footage. With the help of the small tool-bar, you can change the size of the text that you wish to put in without any issues.

Adding Images

When it comes to adding images or photos to your slideshow is pretty convenient with VidAir. All you need to do is press on the Add Photo button, which you will find within the library section. Clicking on it will provide you with a list of royalty-free images from which you can make a selection.

Otherwise, if you want to upload a photo from your device, you can do that as well. Make sure to click on the upload button and choose the photo you want from your device. You can also adjust the image within the timeline so that it blends perfectly with the end footage.

Adding Audio

Wondershare VidAir will enable you to add audio or music to your slideshow. This is something that makes this entire slideshow video maker among the others. Adding music or audio effect will provide you a whole-level of slideshow-making experience.

VidAir will grant you access to many royalty-free audios that you can add to your slideshow. You can also sync the audio with your footage seamlessly and it will fun and exciting experience for you. There are several templates as well, which come with their own audio that is already integrated within them. Don’t forget to check them out.

Add Videos

Adding a video to your slideshow is pretty simple and easy. The process of adding a video is similar to how to add text. There is no need to look for the perfect video because VidAir already has many of them in store. All the video footages are royalty-free and are located within the library section.

Choose the video you wish to implement, add it to the timeline, and place it right at the end of the timeline. After that, you will find the video within the preview.

If you don’t want to add the videos provided by VidAir, you have the full freedom to add videos from your device with no issues. All you need to do is press on the upload button and add the videos you prefer.

Reasons to opt for the Wondershare Slideshow Builder

Many people wanted to know the reason for using the Slideshow Builder from Wondershare, even though they’re so many other excellent software available in the market. But there are some things that make this entire slideshow maker whole a lot different from the rest. Here are some aspects to consider.

Comes in two modes

When it comes to slideshow projects, every individual has a different goal. But this particular software can understand that. It’s because this slideshow maker from Wondershare comes with two modes, which are advanced and standard.

The standard model is the first out of the two modes. It will assist you in creating or building a slideshow. The advanced mode will help in unlocking all the customizations that you can use on your slideshow. The advanced mode will also enable you to create a slideshow with effects and variations according to your needs.

The movie styles

When you want to give your slideshow a Hollywood-style feel, you can do so through the various movie styles this software has in store. All these movie styles are pre installed within the software, and you do not have to do it separately.

It comes with numerous zooms and transitions that will give you the chance to create a visually appealing slideshow. You can use all the pictures you have, and the slideshow maker comes with over 400 movie styles. If you want to expand your library, Wondershare has additional 3D styles available for purchase.

The movie styles

Transition effects and text effects

On certain occasions, you might not find or come across things for your particular project within the premade movie styles. There is no need to panic. It’s because the slideshow maker from Wondershare comes with transition effects of 125+ 3D/2D.

This is something you can insert in between the videos and pictures pretty easily. Along with the transition effects of 125+, the software carries over 30 premade text effects, which you can use on your slideshows.

When you want to add some special words or make the entire slideshow captivating and meaningful, the text and transition effects will help you.

The ability to edit

There is much slideshow-making software that does not allow you to make edits when a picture you have taken doesn’t come out the way you want. This makes it difficult for you because you won’t be able to put the photo. After all, it didn’t seem right.

You will not experience something like this when you use the Wondershare slideshow builder. Why? It’s because this software comes with editing options and will allow you to make all the necessary changes to the photo.

You will come across many editing features, such as rotate, crop, and adding filters. With these editing features, you can enhance the look for the photos or images quickly and efficiently.

Share it with everyone

When you have created the slideshow, you can share it within the online social platforms and any other video sites with no hassle. The slideshows created through the software from Wondershare will enable you to upload them on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

This is something you might not get through the other slideshow makers available in the market. It’s guaranteed that there will be no error when the upload is taking place. The slideshows will support all kinds of devices, such as Xbox, iPhone, and iPad. Along with that, it will also work on operating systems, such as Windows and Mac.

Final Words

Now, there is no need to create poor-quality slideshows for your entertainment or business purposes, when you have the Wondershare DVD Slideshow Maker beside you.

With numerous high-quality and advanced features and functions, it will take your slideshow building experience to a whole new level. It will not take much time, and building a slideshow is pretty simple and easy.

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