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Ambitious London Entrepreneur Builds the Best WP Blog Hosting Control Panel to Support Blogger Beginners

Digital Entrepreneur and former Blogger Beginner Fernando Raymond got into blogging with WordPress when he was looking for a career change to live a more free and self-governed life.

Successful bloggers and digital nomads inspired him to learn all about WordPress, the most widely used open-source content management system in the world, and he now wants to give something back.

WP Blog Hosting Control Panel for Bloggers & Websites

Fernando Raymond - Founder - ClickDo

He recently launched the first ever WordPress blog hosting control panel developed by him and his SeekaHost Team that will enable anyone to host a domain and get online with a WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds.

How more People can get online with a unique WP Hosting Control Panel Solution?

As a regular blogger himself, Fernando felt that web hosting control panels such as cPanel or Plesk did not make blogging as easy and straight forward as it could be and because he is in touch with many blogging beginners through the eLearning platform SeekaHost University, he realized a better to manage interface would help hugely.

So, the SeekaHost Team have designed the first ever WordPress blog hosting control panel giving blogging or WordPress beginners access to a hosting manager tool that enables a quick website set-up while being able to track website data with one click to manage the website’s performance with analytics tools.

Inside the control panel the user can find affordable WordPress Hosting in the UK and cheap PBN Hosting which they can easily purchase to host their websites.

They have created an extensive knowledgebase with tutorials and step-by-step guides to support any newbie to blogging and the control panel manage it quickly and easily.

After years of building and testing the unique SeekaHost blog hosting solution, Fernando and his team have decided to finally open the SeekaHost blog hosting site to the market and they are confident that it will support many first-time bloggers and website owners.

What does the SeekaHost Domain Hosting Control Panel offer new Bloggers? 

Apart from being very easily and quickly accessible with a simple interface, the control panel offers the following additional top features.

  • Easily accessible Blogs or Websites List – manage all your websites in one place.
  • Website data is available with one click in the control panel.
  • Website tracking data of your websites’ performance is easily accessible with analytics tools via your control panel – all in one place.
  • Online live support is available through a support ticket system and a live chat.
  • Manage and pay all your subscriptions within your control panel and manage all your web hosting here.
  • multiple IP address classes A, B and C are available with PBN Hosting.

You can watch this explainer video on the SeekaHost YouTube Channel to discover how these features are implemented.

You can test the app and the hosting with a free 7-day trial to familiarize yourself with this unique tool.

Why is WordPress best for Blogging Beginners? 

WordPress powers 14.7% of top the 100 websites in the world and most of them use the old school hosting technologies that make it harder for a newbie to get online fast. Using other control panels like cPanel or Plesk can take time and be complicated for first time bloggers and users.

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