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A New Magento Extension for Handling Out-Of-Stock Products

Now that e-Commerce has become an essential part of our life, the developing companies continuously work on improving their extensions in order to make their products more user-friendly. Being one of the most powerful platforms for this type of activity, Magento with its new Pre Order function has turned the win-win relations between merchandising companies and their end-customers into an even easier and better-arranged process.

Magento Extension Handling Out Of Stock Products

Handling Out-Of-Stock Products By Magento Extension:

The Magento Pre Order extension that has been launched to substitute the good old Add to Cart button now feeds two birds with one e-stone. The advantages for the customers are evident: they are able to pre order the items that are currently out of stock, just like those that are still to come to the market. The visitors have a clear understanding of how the product can be pre ordered, while custom notes specify the time when the item will be available. Moreover, this is a good option in case some grouped or bundled products are ordered: should one of them be currently out of stock, the pre order offer will be generated automatically.

Yet they are the owners of Magento-run e-stores proper who are the double-winners, and it’s not just about the effective management of customers’ orders. Here’s a brief list of the new Magento Pre Order features that will ensure successful performance.

Magento Extension Handling Out-Of-Stock Products

The effective time- and stock-management are the first keys to advance, and the process has been facilitated. You no longer need to spend much time on market research in order to understand what your core audience is or how your merchandising strategy for the upcoming season should be. The customer who has clicked the “pre order” button has immediately become a buyer, so that not only you learn his interests, but you now see his financial capacities as well. As for the products restock, it can be now automatically and effectively co-planned by the buyers of yours according to their real needs. This means no more reading tea leaves and bearing unwarranted expenses, no more warehouses loaded with unpopular goods. Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it?

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Further on, the new Magento Pre Order offers a good option for your shops in case you are in partnership with small or newly-established brands. By giving them proper feedback for adjusting their production range obtained with help of your Magento Pre Order extension you are much likely to agree on good discount benefits.

Magento Extension Handling Out-Of-Stock Products

The new extension is for sure a good advantage in developing and launching effective pre-sale campaigns. By selling the goods that are still to come to the market you will always be one step ahead of others, while your investment strategy can be more flexible and diversified.
And as for technical aspects, you may have every confidence that you receive a risk-free solution that really works to the benefit of yours and to the contentment of your customers. Easy licensing and friendly support of high quality are also guaranteed.

The Pre Order for Magento is a part of the acknowledged long term strategy that aims at raising the satisfaction of both product sellers and customers, so just make sure that it secures your winning strategy before your competitors decide to do the same.

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