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3 Main Principles for Building Good Website Design

Every grandson and grandfather seem to have a website these days. That is the reason that the web is getting crowded day by day. Every day dozens of websites added to the internet. That is one of the reasons that there are so much competition and fewer chances of getting discovered.

Principles of Good Website Design

Principles of Good Website Design


When it comes to web designers, it is difficult to understand what breaks and makes a web design. An employer of web design Singapore has told, “The website process is not a science but a creative work to a large extent.”

Web design is a way of presentation and hence some rules apply to it. If you follow some basic pointers, you will be able to design a visually appealing website. However, you do have some experience and talent to make a good design.

We know it is not simple but with simple tweaks, you can turn the web page into pretty and attractive web design. The question is how we can make it pretty?

You can use different things like flash. But there are lots of flash websites on the internet, not all of them are good. The flash is not the only element as there is several elements make a design good.

1] Balance is Important

Before start designing, you need to keep every side balanced. It is just like any weight balance which can be asymmetry and symmetry. To make a good design, you should have an asymmetric balance. Moreover, you need to carefully lay everything out. It is very easy to unbalance it quickly.

There are many ways to balance it by using size, color, and addition of elements. For example, you are going to make a logo with a different color which is not looking good with the color of the website. Then it can easily unbalance the whole design. So, take your time while scrolling down and up to see if it passes.

2] Use Grids

Another concept that is related to balancing the design is the use of the grid. It is a series of horizontal and vertical rulers that makes a compartmentalized design. You should focus on improving the readability of the customer.

After all, you are going to share some information on the website. If a reader is not able to read the content, it is the failure of the design. That is why; always use the golden ratio and rule of third.

3] Choose Only Two or Three colors

The colors do matter in the design so carefully choose the colors. It is always better to choose each color from the same palette. You cannot choose any random color for it. Use a combination of colors and use contrasting schemes for the colors.

You need to find out which works best and check other related website designs. You can easily find some CSS showcase website to see how color interacts with each other.

For example, if you are making a professional website, choose some white and black conveys. Choose another color such as red to make a certain area stand out.

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